How the internet of Things is Raising Your IQ

How the internet of Things is Raising Your IQ

How the internet of Things is Raising Your IQ

Connected City

  • Optimize parking resources, reduce pollution & street congestion via connected parking & billing systems
  • Maximize resource utilization & plan for future parking locations with real-time analysis

Connected Home

  • Overnight change in calendar automatically updates alarm clock and turns on coffee-machine timer
  • Lights & temperature power down as you leave home
  • Monitor & optimize smart meters & appliances

Connected Car
Find an open parking spot or electric charging station using maps
Reserve spot and pay with open wallet

  • There will be 24,000,000,000 connected devices by 2020
  • 82% Think Machine-to-Machine interaction enables business to respond to real-world events*

Mobile Big Data Cloud
A connected world is enabled by convergence of mobile big data and cloud. A secret survey of 700 IT decision makers in the US,UK, Germany, China, India and Brazil presents the following insights

  • Mobile devices will encounter Human Population in 2013
  • In 2013, Data Volume will reach 4000,000,000 terabytes
  • 66% think Business & consumer Technology will converge in 3-5 years
  • 89% think availability of LTE & 4G will be instrumental in M2M growth
  • 65 % think biggest challenge in M2M is managing & analyzing the resulting Real-Time Data*
  • 65% think increased Workforce Mobility is the #1 opportunity for M2M*
  • By 2015, 35% of mid-to-large organisations will adopt In-Memory computing
  • 85% think M2M is part of the natural evolution of the “Consumerization Of IT” trend



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