The Best Equipment To Do Calisthenics At Home

Discover what are the best equipment for calisthenics to have efficient body weight workouts at home. Train whenever you want, get results.

  1. Power Towers
    A power tower is the best and most versatile workout equipment for having training at home. There are several versions, but typically each of them comes with a pull and a dip section. Others come with extras like a push-up station and other accessories
  2. Pull Up Bars
    If you do not  have enough money for a tower yet, then a simple pull up bars is the solution for you.
  3. Dip Stands
    In case you have already had a bar but you cannot do dips then this equipment is for you. Dipping is one of the most beneficial exercises for for upper body strength, so it must be included in an efficient calisthenics workout routine.
  4. Gymnastic Rings
    A ring is not the most important pieces of equipment for body weight training, but with the help of them you can boost your bodyweight  training to the next level. Just think about gymnasts, how perfect body they have
  5. Push Up Bars
    While there are lot of push up variations out there, push-ups bars make this exercise even better. With the help of them you will be able to go down deeper and that stimulates the chest muscles better. Plus, these tools are pretty cheap.
  6. Weight Vest
    As you get stronger and familiar with the various calisthenics moves, the time comes when you want to give an extra boost to your bodyweight workouts (or better your own weight is not enough anymore).
  7.  AB Wheels
    While there are lots of calisthenics exercises you can do to strengthen and tone your entire midsection, there is one abdominal exercise equipment i recommend, the ab wheel. This simple tool trains the abdominals completely (plus your lower back, shoulders, legs and back).
  8. Jump Rope
    Strength training is just one part of building a solid and lean body: cardio is vital as well. It helps to burn extra calories for weight loss, develop your endurance and improve your cardiovascular system

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