How To Become A Master Networker

  • Organize A Happy Hour
    Hosting your own small informal event is a great way to meet new people as well as be helpful to the people you already know.
  • Forget The Elevation Pitch
    Don’t try to impress someone with your title or expertise. Instead, enter into conversations, ask questions and listen. The things you might have in common help to establish a connection that will blossom over time.
  • Swap Cards
    Your business is only as powerful as the impression you have behind. So get to know the person first, gauge if there’s a connection and then end the conversation by offering your card.
  • It;s Not All About You
    Don’t ask about opportunities and favors without offering any value in return. Networking is a two-way street.
  • Be Memorable
    You should strive to be memorable when you’re meeting new people storytelling. When you tell a story, make sure it has a clear point and a punch line, whether a takeaway or a joke.
  • Quality, Not Quantity
    Meeting the right people is most important. The right people are those that can help you reach your career goal and speak up for you. You need to focus on people with whom you can build strong mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Be Open And genuinely
    You want people to like you and connect with you because you’re being genuine. Develop a curiosity for others and be open to new relationships where value can be found without letting your ego get in the way. Let people know the impact they’ve had on you.
  • Leave Your Comfort Zone
    Even if you’re shy or introvert, you just have to engage with people. Try to emulate someone you admire for you. After all, everyone was a stranger to you before you met them
  • Network Up, Down And Sideways
    Don’t just create a network at your level or industry -diversify! Be intentional about bringing in those above and below you and from a variety of sectors. Every new contact opens up a whole new network of his or her contacts to you.
  • Paying It Forward Pays Off
    The more you invest in your network, the more valuable your network is. Taking calls, responding to emails, offering to help people creates a strong bond. It’s important to network proactively so you have these relationships when you need help.
  • Ends Conversations Gracefully
    The last moments of conversation can define how people will remember you, so make a good solid ending without being rude or abrupt. Hold eye contact for a very brief moment with the person you have finished speaking with so it doesn’t seem like you’re running away.

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