Types Of Bra

Types Of Bra

Types Of Bra

1. Balcony
Balcony, or balconette bras apparently get their name from when men used to look over the balconies in theatres to see the women below – but their balcony bras could still not be seen!

Perfect for: winching upwards and separating

2. Bandeau
A  style that has been worn since the Roman times, and is either used to slimline the silhouette or is an easy bra for the smaller-breasted to wear.

Perfect for: going strapless and defying gravity

3. Demi Cup
If you have problems with bra underwires digging into your underarms, then Demi cups are for you. Shorter underwires and the flattering slight pushing together of the breasts will work on most women.

Perfect For: cleavage AND coverage

4. Maternity
maternity and nursing bras are essential items for pregnant and breast feeding women to own, and focus on comfort and ease of access, while still being supportive

Perfect For: easy access for breastfeeding

5. Minimister
Minimister bras are a life saver for women with larger busts,as they flatten and compress the breast tissue but still remain a nice shape.

Perfect For: compressing and reshaping – but why?

6. Plunge
you will all have heard of the worlds most famous plunge bra – the Wonderbra. It differs from the Push Up bra in that it separates the breasts as well as pushes up from below.

Perfect For: showing off what you’ve got

7. Push Up
Frederick Millinger is widely credited with inventing the Push Up bra in 1948, which was named the ‘Rising’ Star’ – a creation that has since been deemed one of the 100 Most Important Inventions Of All Time!

perfect For: giving a little extra oomph!

8. Racer
Racer back styles are a popular strap arrangement for sports bras, but also work well in general bra designs too as they give good support, and their straps will never fall down.

Perfect For: not having to worry about straps

9. Sport
Sports bras do exactly what it says on the tin: perfect for sports as they minimize movement whilst also being supportive and comfortable while exercising.

Perfect For: stopping you jiggling daring exercise

10. T Shirt
Bras aren’t meant to be visible under clothing and this is what the T-shirt bra does best: it’s lack of seems and padding make it invisible.

Perfect For: smoothing your girls out under tight tops

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