Anatomy Of A Well-Used Bunk Bed

  • The Piggy Bank
    Where baby teeth magically turn to money. Also a convenient place to hide trinkets from sticky sibling
  • The “I Did Clean Drawer My Room”
    The quick-fix for a messy room. Just shove it in the drawer! Also a great place for things they don’t want Mom to find. She’ll never think to look here!
  • The Black Hole
    Where lost socks and toy parts go to die. Also known as – “Moms Lost & Found”
  • The Ring AKA The Top Bunk
    Sibling tiffs throughout history. Who gets the top bunk? Probably the one Mom deems least accident prone…
  • ┬áThe Jungle Gym AKA The Ladder
    AKA Home Base for all tag and hide-and seek- intents and purposes. A wonderful place to leap from, but make sure Mom isn’t looking!
  • The Fort AKA The Bottom Bunk
    Throw some blankets on and you’ve got a perfect hide-a-way!


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