A visual Guide To B2B Digital Marketing

Modern marketing is evolving at a rapid pace, especially in competitive B2B markets. With longer sales cycles, bigger budgets and higher stakes, B2B marketers have to take a mindful yet aggressive approach to their craft in the digital age. To set them on the right track, here is a visual guide to digital marketing for B2B brand strategies

  • Bridge Digital Gaps
    A whopping percent of marketers believe that there is no longer a meaningful distinction between online and offline marketing practices. B2B competitors need to reassess their budgets and strategies to put digital tactics above all else
  • Take The Reins On Data
    More than half of digital marketing initiatives fail due to lack of ownership of customers data. In the B2B landscape, marketers need to have a reliable method of managing client information to set themselves apart and succeed.
  • Ramp Up Custom Content
    Branded content is hit across industries, and by 2017, B2B brands will boost their budgets for these assets by 59 percent. Now is the time for marketers to map out a content strategy and start building an impressive portfolio.
  • Shore Up Social Media
    Now that 90 percent of B2B companies have a strong LinkedIn presence, it’s clear that social media is a key ingredient in the marketing mix. Brands shouldn’t hesitate to experiment with other platforms and social campaign strategies.
  • Master Mobile ASAP.
    Mobile marketing isn’t just for the B2c crowd, as 67 percent of B2B buyers access content on smartphones and tablets daily. All branded materials and calls to action must therefore be optimized for on-the-go discovery.
  • Don’t Forget Email
    The longstanding staple of digital marketing still plays a key role, with 86 percent of strategies relying on email as a primary channel of communications. Brands in the B2B arena need to step things up with frequent, personalized messages.

A Visual Guide To B2B Marketing

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