Cybercrime continue to grow as society becomes increasingly digitized.

Malware And ID Theft
Malware typically steals user data such as credit card numbers, login credentials and personal information from infected machines for subsequent use by criminals in fraud.

Cryptoware (ransomware using encryption) has become the leading malware in terms of threat and impact. It encrypts victims’ user generated files, denying them access unless the victim pays a fee to have their files decrypted.

 Network Attacks 
Network intrusions that result in unlawful access to or disclosure of private data (data breaches) or intellectual property are growing in frequency and scale, with hundreds of millions of records compromised globally each year.

Payment Order Fraud
Criminals use fraudulent transfer orders to defraud private and public sector organisations. Fraudsters heavily rely on social media engineering techniques and malware to accry out this type of fraud.

Payment Card Fraud
Compromised card data is readily available and easy to obtain on forums, market places and automated card shops in the deep web and Darknet.

Online Sexual Exploitation
Child Sexual Exploitation Materials is increasingly produced for financial gain and distributed through the Darknet. Coercion and sexual extortion are increasingly being used to victimize children.


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