8 Signs your Business Needs a strategic Workforce Plan

For many organisations, workforce is ad hoc, vague or non existent -but business that neglect such a key element of their peril. There are many warning signs that you need to implement a robust and strategic Workforce Plan – If any of these apply to your business, it’s time to take action;

  1. High Cost-per-Hire
    If hiring costs are too high, it’s time to build a plan to reduce your expenditure.
  2. High Time-Fill Metrics
    Unfilled positions put added pressure on your people and your business. A strategic workforce plan assist in proactively building talent pools and efficiently filling vacancies.
  3. Undesirable Employee Churn
    Is turnover in your business too high? A robust Workforce Plan could help steam the flow of employee who leave.
  4. Significant Company Expansion
    A strategic Workforce plan is crucial during times of rapid growth to service expanding needs.
  5. High-demand Employers
    If your business experiences a high demand for quality employees and scarce skill sets, our workforce Plan will help you diversify your workforce and retain the talent you need to achieve success
  6. Pressure on Employees Covering Open Roles
    are content employees being overworked while covering for open positions? With an effective Workforce Plan in place you can minimize the time your staff spend covering unfilled roles
  7. Failure To Achieve Desired Productivity Levels
    When productivity is low, there may be a need to hire new talent or manage out mishires. Strategic  Workforce Plan is a key tool in reaching optimal performance
  8. Slow Reaction To Business Opportunity
    If your business is missing out on key opportunities due to skills shortages within the company, strategic Workforce Planning can identify the gaps and prepare to fill them

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