What Is Peak Fitness?

What Is Peak Fitness?

What Is Peak Fitness?

Peak Fitness represents a comprehensive exercise program that provides superior benefits to typical cardio training.
It is called Peak Fitness because if you graph your heart rate, you will see that IT PEAKS EIGHT TIMES during the workout (These 20 minutes routine can be done 2-3 times per week.)

What are Peak Fitness Benefits

  • ¬†Firms skin and helps reduce wrinkles
  • Helps decrease body fat
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Increase energy
  • Assist with achieving your fitness goals much faster
  • Improves Athletic speed and performance

With Peak Fitness, you can significantly increase your body’s natural ability to produce human growth hormone (HGH), a vital hormone that is key for physical strength, health and longevity

What a Typical Peak Fitness Routine Looks Like

  1. Warm up for 3 minutes.
  2. Exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds. You should be gasping for breath and feel like you couldn’t possible go on another few seconds. It is better to use higher repetitions to increase your heart rate.
  3.  Recover for 90 seconds still moving but at a slower pace and with decrease resistance.
  4. Repeat the high-intensity exercise and recovery 7 more times. When you’re first starting out, depending on your level of fitness, you may only be able to do 2 or 3 repetitions of the high-intensity intervals. As you get fitter, just keep adding repetitions of the high-intensity intervals. As you get fitter, just keep adding repetitions until you’re doing eight during your 20-minute session.
  5. Cool down for a few minutes afterwards by cutting down your intensity by 50 to 80 percent.

Workout Tips and Tricks

  1. When you do Peak Fitness exercise, i recommend a recumbent bike or elliptical.
  2. You can also try swimming or sprinting outdoors, but be extra careful to avoid injury.
  3. When you’re a beginner, you will likely only be able to do 1 to 2 repetitions. If you try to start out with 8 reps right away, you run the risk of injuring yourself.
  4. If you’re just starting out, using a recumbent bike is recommended. You can set the program to “manual” for the timer to count up. This way, it is much easier to switch between high-intensity exercise and your 90-second recovery periods
  5. Accuracy is key in Peak Fitness, so invest in a chest strap heart rate monitor to determine if you’re working with the right intensity. You should exceed your maximum heart rate (220 minus your age)by 5 or 10 beats

Other Workouts that you can Incorporate in Peak Fitness

  • Super-slow Weight Lifting
    By aggressively working your muscle to fatigue, you’re stimulating the muscular adaptation that will improve the metabolic capability of your muscle and cause it to grow. Movements you can do include pull-down, chest press, and compound row. You can perform them using either weights or machine.
  • Push-ups
    Push-ups are one of the oldest exercise in the books, but there’s a reason they have so much staying power. When performed correctly, they are one of the most effective and simplest exercise to build a strong upper and midsection
  • Squats
    Squats are mostly known as a leg exercise, but they promote body-wide muscle building by catalyzing an anabolic environment. Squats are also among the best functional exercises out there, promoting mobility and balance and helping you complete real-word activities with ease.

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