7 Traits Internet Millionaires Have In Common

  1. Have Membership Sites
    According to mike Filsaime, 90% of the online marketers who make $10,000 a month and above have their own product or membership site or both
  2. Have a List
    All online marketers who are generating a 5 figure monthly income have a mailing list of their own.
  3. Publish Own Book
    Many Internet Millionaires surveyed usually would go on to publish their own physical book to reach the offline market.
  4. Outsource
    While majority of the Internet Millionaires do not run a conventional office, most rely on outsourcing their day-to-day operations to virtual assistants in countries such as Philippines and Indians
  5. Run Own Seminar
    At the pinnacle of the information publishing business, when working from home or a random Starbucks outlet proves too small to house the growing business, internet entrepreneurs ironically abandon the ‘dot com’ lifestyle to go into this demanding phase.
  6. Mindset
    Every Internet Millionaire has an unmoving and goal-getting persona. This goes to show that attitude truly determines your altitude
  7. Joint Venture
    This is testament that while you can go into business alone, you cannot reach the stars by working alone!


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