7 tips to create A SCREENCAST LIKE A PRO

  1. Hide your stuff
    Clear all the unrelated files and sprinkled icons on the menu bar for a polished look.
  2. Preset Screen Resolutions & Ratio
    Depending on your specific outcome, predefine the screen resolution and ratio to avoid further format conflict.
  3. Deal with ambient sounds
    Try to block out external sound kicking in and dampen the sound within the room,
    Soft materials will help limit the echoes reflicting.
  4. Smoothen your cursor path
    Hold back the urge of moving your mouse back and forth or utilize recording applications that help hide/smoothen your mouse cursor.
  5. Embellish it
    Enhance your cursors appearance to boost its visibility and attraction by adding a round spotlight around it or something
  6. Go for a trial
    A lot of unexpected mistakes may emerge as you compose your record.
    A short trial run hence saves you a lot of time and effort.
  7. Add voiceovers
    Recording and narrating at the same time may engender those tangent “ums” or “uhs”. Voiceovers are recommended to be added afterward.

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