5 Health Benefits Of Dancing

5 Health Benefits Of Dancing

5 Health Benefits Of Dancing

1. Posture
Good posture has to be maintained. Long hours at a desk or too much time hunched over a laptop will lead to back pain and possible curvature of the spine. When we dance we have to remember to keep our chins and chests up and shoulders back. This type of practice will not only improve our posture and prevent back pain, it will also aid in digestion and breathing.

2. Weight Control &Muscle Tone
There are many styles of dance; some slow and steady and some that are quick and calculated. whichever you choose to engage in, you can be sure that you are burning calories and improving muscle tone at the same time. Many people tend to overlook the importance of building muscle but if you have more muscle, your body will burn more calories throughout the day: thus increasing your ‘resting metabolic rate’. Get fit and have fun? Yes, please.

3. Balance & Flexibility
These two skills are necessary not only in dance but also in everyday life and especially as we age. Being able to stand on one foot or bend over and touch the toes is surprisingly difficult for many people (at all stages of life). Dancing not only improves your balance and flexibility but it increases your confidence and blood flow at the same time. A warm-up and cool-down are essential before and after any dancing session.

4. Improved Mood
Here is a little chemistry 101: when we dance, our brains release neurotransmitters known as endorphin. Have you ever heard of the “runner’s high”? After prolonged exercise, such as running or dancing, endorphin and other compounds trigger this euphoric response. Sometimes we need a little encouragement to get on the dance floor, but once you do, you’ll be happy you did

5. Making Memories
Being able to share your love of dance with someone special is a great bonding activity. Though choreographing a dance is body move to the music is equally entertaining. Dancing will help you hone your creative energy and funnel it to make a visual representation of the music you are listening to. The great thing about dance is that it enables you to paint a picture of the music using your body. Due to the dynamic process, the possibilities here are infinite and limited only by your imagination.

5 Health Benefit of Dancing

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