6 Tips To Use Audio Effective In E-Learning Courses

  1. Audio Should be in a Conversational Tone
    Make the audio script conversational by using words such as oh, wow, really, that’s great, oh no and so on. It helps to connect the learner with the situations presented in the course better.
  2. Audio Should meet The Quality Standards
    Audio unwanted noise and mismatch between audio and onscreen text and make sure that the audio loads fast to avoid learner frustration.
  3. Use professional Voice 
    professional voice adds depth and richness to your course so, hire professionals for narrating the audio script of the eLearning course.
  4. Try To Use More Than One Audio Character
    Use more than one audio character in the course. For example, in a scenario based approach, you can add avariety of audio characters that make the eLearning course engaging and effective.
  5. Keep It Short And Simple
    lengthy and tedious audio makes the learners feel annoyed and boring and they eventually lose interest. So, it is better to keep the audio simple and short
  6. Avoid ‘Shhh’ and ‘Umm’ Sounds in Audio
    A good soundtrack can create emotional cues. So, be careful and try to avoid unnecessary humming sounds in between the audio narration


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