6 Things you Should not Wear on a Job Interview

6 Things you Should not Wear on a Job Interview

Too Much Makeup

Keep your makeup as light as possible. You don’t want to distract your interviewer with your bright lips and eyes.


Too Many BlingsĀ 

Basic accessories like watch, ring, chain and stud will suffice. Avoid big statement jewelries. Your goal is to look simple and sophisticated


Sky High Heel

Wear small heels in which you will be able to walk faster and feel comfortable. Don’t wear too huge heels and trip!


Too Revealing

Avoid revealing clothes like short skirts, deep neck blouse or figure hugging dress. You shouldn’t be conscious about adjusting your dress all time. Wear something which is neat and doesn’t requires too much attention.


Strong Perfume

Strong perfume or cologne can be avoided. First thing, it will distract your interviewer and secondly you will never know if your interviewer is allergic to strong scents. Either way, don’t let your perfume overwhelm you!


Casual Wears

We understand the summer out there! You don’t have to buckle up in a suit and tie, but maintain a little bit of professionalism by not wearing a funky sneaker or flip top!