6 Keys To Successful Project Assurance

6 Keys To Successful Project Assurance

Before implementing a SaaS billing solution, it’s critical to deploy a project assurance plan. Project assurance empowers the leader to go beyond traditional project management barriers to provide the answers needed to ensure success.

6 Factors To Consider

  1. Engage Executive Sponsorship
    Executive sponsorship is the single most important element in making sure the project is aligned with the organization’s strategic goals. Executive sponsors drive the project towards success and deliver tangible support by committing their leadership and budget while removing any roadblocks
  2. Place Equal Attention On Managing Personnel And Technology
    A new billing system isn’t only about implementing new processes. It’s just as important to ensure the processes work as well as the technology and the resources managing those new processes are trained and equipped with the required skills.
  3. Identify and Engage Key StakeholdersĀ 
    Key stakeholders are the influencers that sit at any level within the organization and have a major impact on the success or failure of a project. SaaS billing implementation projects require significant change and need broad input and participation from key users across multiple departments to ensure widespread adoption and success
  4. Recruit/develop an Internal Subject Matter Expert (SME)
    Someone needs to know how to steer the boat when the captain leaves. It is critical to identify, train and empower an SME of the entire billing solution so when the vendor and consultants leave the projects, someone within business has the know-how to support and extend the application.
  5. Set Clear Goals and Targets Then Re-Measure Frequently
    A clear vision of what the billing operation and processes are designed to achieve is necessary to ensure the project does not go off course. Identify which of the “promised” benefits are most critical to your company and rank them in terms of which has the highest impact to the bottom line.
  6. Communicate, Promote and Drive Usage Across the Company
    More often than not, once the project implementation is complete, the focus on driving widespread adoption and usage of the system declines. This is detrimental to the success of the project so it’s critical to develop and execute a plan that drives adoption across the company through communication, promotion and usage