5 Freelancers that are Changing the World of Work

The rapid rise of the freelance economy is redefining the modern workplace. LinkedIn ProFinder and Intuit partnered to further explore who these modern day freelancers are and found trends among their educational backgrounds, career motivations, job satisfaction and more. We discovered five unique, professional personas among freelancers who work with on demand platforms-each of which embodies specific motivators and attitudes toward work and job security. Take a peek below to learn more.

1. Side Giggers
Strongly motivated by financial security and job flexibility, Side Giggers are more likely to pursue a side gig for extra income than a professional interest. They’re most likely to have a “traditional” job.

Current Gig Generates:

  • 19% of their total income
  • 57% of Side Giggers have a bachelors degree or higher.
  • An average income of $7,600 per year

2. Substituters
Often taking on multiple gigs due to the loss of job, Substituters are most likely to pursue gigs as a temporary income source till they find a traditional job. Needless to say, they’re least satisfied with their gig work.

Current Gig Generates:

  • 22% of their total income
  • 59% of substituters have bachelors degree or higher
  • An average income of $9,400 per year

3. Career Freelancers
The most diverse and satisfied group, Career Freelancers tend to pursue gigs to gain more experience, have more opportunity for social interaction, and learn new skills to advance their careers. It’s no surprise that our data shows millennials to be the generation most engaged in part-time freelancing.

Current Gig generates:

  • 26% of their total income
  • 52% of Career Freelancers have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • An average income of $9,700 per year

4. Business Builders
Often owning their own business, Business Builders pursue gigs to supplement or expand their existing business. They like their own boss and dislike answering to a supervisor .

Current Gig Generates:

  • 30% of their total income
  • 54% of Business Builders have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • An average income of $12,300 per year

5. Passionistas
Motivated by doing what they love, passionistas pursue gigs more out of their passion for the work they do. Thy’re well-educated, value flexibility, work the fewest hours, but earn the most from their gig.

Current Gig Generates:

  • 26% of their total income
  • 70% of Passionistas have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • An average income of $9,000 per year

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