The 3 Phases in the Life of a Digital Marketer

The Age of Innocence

  • 40% intend to keep their job for another 5 years
  • 46% have no budget for social media but expect that to change in the coming year
  • 39% care most about how many people visit their website
  • 14% have no plans to invest in social

The Age of Disillusionment

  •  36% are unlikely to stay in their current job for over 5 years
  • They are allotted up to 25% of total marketing budget on social media
  • 40% value website traffic & content virality
  • Creating good content is key

Age of Enlightenment

  • 43% love their job and wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world
  • 12% Still have no budget for social media and do not plan to invest in social media this year
  • ROI is in the top 3 metrics for success
  • 38% measure their performance with content virality

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