November 2016

5 Vegetables That Cause Weird Physical Reactions

5 Vegetables That Cause Weird Physical Reactions

  1. Beets:
    Beetroots are perhaps not the most popular of vegetables but if you eat a lot of them you’ll get an unexpected surprise: Your urine may turn red. This condition called beaturia, is caused by a pigment called betalain. Too much betalain in your system and it’s got to go somewhere, so your body get’s rid of it in your pee. But this doesn’t happen to everyone. Only 10 to 14 percent of us get beaturia when we eat beetroot. So, no need to panic if you have bright red pee after scoffing beetroot. Of course, if you haven’t been eating red-colored veg and your urine is taking on vibrant hues, then pop along to your doc for a check-up
  2. Asparagus:
    This one is perhaps the weirdest vegetable of all. it changes the smell of your pee. Yes, really. A mere 15 minutes after eating asparagus, your pee may smell uniquely pungent. The reason it smells weird is thanks to an equally odd-sounding compound: methanethiol. While our body is working to process asparagus, it releases stinky, sulfurous amino acids. And when you pee, these airborne chemicals breeze up into your nose. Of course, some of you may be wondering why you’ve never noticed the asparagus-smell-pee-phenomenon. This is where it gets really weird. It’s not because your body isn’t breaking down methanethiol; it’s actually due to the fact that you don’t have the proper genes to detect the smell. Only 25 to 30 percent of the population has the ability to smell asparagus-perfumed pee. How special.
  3. Buttersquash:
    If you happen to cut raw butternut squash, you could end up with Cucubit a muschata is the scientific name for butternut squash. So what is Cucubit a moschat a dermat it is? Well in some people, cutting up butternut squash can cause an uncomfortable side effect where the skin on the hands becomes dry, fight and rough. Later it will crack and peel off.
    The sap is to blame, since in some people it acts as a skin irritant, causing the dermantitis, Acorn squash spurge and daisies also contain similar chemicals that damage the skin. So pop some gloves on when cutting up these tasty veggies and if you do end up affected, apply cortisone cream. Wow! who knew that eating healthily could be so dangerous.
  4. Carrots:
    Most of us have heard that if you eat enough carrots, your skin can turn orange. Well the stories are true. Carrots (and lots of other vegetables) contain carrot anoids. The form an important diet because they help prevent our skin from burning in the sun and contribute towards our natural skin tone.
    So, it’s a good thing… although , taken in excess, it can turn your skin the orangey color of a fake tan gone wrong. This condition is known as carotenemia, and it occurs most frequently in young children (who eat lots of mashed up orange veggies) and people who eat excessive amounts of carrots, oranges and squashes.
  5. Tomatoes:
    So far, our veggies have had interesting pigment at ion effects. And tomatoes, it turns out, can also turn skin a lovely shade of orange, due to a pigment called lycopene. However, you’d have to be really knocking them back for this to happen: we’re talking four pints of tomato juice every day for a very long time.
    When consuming very large quantities of tomatoes, you could also end up overdosing on vitamin C. Our bodies can only process as maximum of 2000 mg per day (the recommended amount for optimum health is 80 mg). So if you binge on tomatoes, along with lots of other Vitamin C-rich foods such as oranges and peppers, you may end up feeling a little nauseous. It really would be too much of a good thing!


8 Surprising Facts About Fruits And Veggies

8 Surprising Facts About Fruits And Veggies

In-season and nutrition-packed, these juicy farmer’s market finds have remarkable health benefits:

  • Arugula
    this bitter, satisfying and nutritional rock star is sometimes called “rocket” salad. A natural detoxifier, it’s also high in vitamins A, K and acid  and it’s a good source of zinc, potassium, calcium and iron. Arugula plays well with its spring mix cousins and baby greens – which can help sweeten things up. Arugula has also been linked to gastric ulcer relief
  • Beets
    Don’t be fooled by these humble roots. The simple “garden” or “table” beet may protect you from coronary artery disease and stroke, lower cholesterol and offer anti-aging effects. Raw beets offer a whopping 27 percent of the dietary recommendations for folate. Enjoy them raw, bake them into chips or light;y steam or roast for less than an hour because they loose nutrients quickly
  • Broccoli
    This cruciferous veggie offers a good crunch when eaten raw-and tastes great steamed too it provides vitamins A and C, folic acid fiber and calcium. Studies suggest it may play a role in cancer prevention as well as reducing both blood pressure and cholesterol. Try young broccoli sprouts, found in nature broccoli florets.
  • Blueberries
    These little indigos are big on benefits. They offer one of the highest antioxidant capacities of all fresh fruit and they help your body send free radicals to the curb. Blueberries may help protect you from cancers, early aging, degenerative diseases and infections. Some studies suggest they can help lower your blood sugar level too. Remember: The darker the hue, the better the berry
  • Strawberries
    Sweet, juicy and oh-so-delicious, strawberries are ripe with antioxidants. One cup offers more vitamin C than an orange! They are also chock -full of anti-inflammatory compounds that may help ward off chronic disease, especially diabetes. In fact, one cup of fresh strawberries eaten with table sugar may result in lower blood sugar than eating the same amount of table sugar alone.
  • Basil
    Prized as a “holy herb” in some parts of the world, this aromatic leaf is an antioxidant all-star with both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Some studies suggest it may help protect your eyes from age-related macular degeneration and may even help ease arthritis pain. Keep the flavor in your summer dishes by picking up a plant at a farmer’s market to grow at home.
  • Asparagus
    Feeling bloated? Try asparagus. As a natural diuretic, it can help flush water out of your body. This spear-shaped veggie is a free radical soldier that may live a longer life. It’s also a real nutrient powerhouse, offering fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K and chromium. To help preserve its nutrients, wrap the ends in a damp paper towel before storing in the fridge.
  • Radish
    This crunchy, slightly spicy veggie is related to wasabi, which sushi lovers may know as the pale green root used to make Japanese horseradish. Radish  is not a root vegetable rich in folic acid, vitamin C and anthocyanins -a trio of cancer fighters. It’s also low-cal: A whole cup of sliced radishes only has 19 calories. Try variety: daikon, black Spanish, green or watermelon radishes.

Fun Fact:

Your Produce Is Still Alive
Fruit and veggies don’t “die” instantly when picked, but continue to take oxygen, break down starches and sugars and release carbon dioxide. This means the less time that passes between picking and eating, the more vitamins and nutrients you receive. At a farmer’s market, fruits and vegetables are pulled right before they end up for sale – and that means more nutritional benefit for you and your family.


Wrinkle-Reducing Skin Care Tips

Wrinkle-Reducing Skin Care Tips

How Wrinkles Are Formed
Wrinkles form on outer two layers. Epidermis thins and losses ability to hold moisture, creating fine lines. In the dermis, collagen deteriorates and losses the ability to support the skin.

  • Outer skin layer is the epidermis, made of hardened skin cells that form a protective layer for the body
  • Next layer is the dermis, which contains collagen and gives skin elasticity
  • The innermost layer is the hypodermis, which consists mostly of fat

Skin Tips For Reducing Wrinkles

  • Hydrate
    Keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizer that contains cholesterol and fatty acids, and avoid moisturizers with a lot of water.
  • 95% of wrinkles are due to sun exposure- Doris Day., M.D New York University Medical Center
  • Get Your Rest
    During sleep, your skin has time to recuperate and can add longevity to collagen in your dermis. Sleep on your back to avoid pressure on your skin.
  • SPF Creams
    A daily moisturizer or a foundation with an SPF will help provide protection from ultraviolet rays that damage your skin.
  • Quit Smoking 
    Smoking damages many parts of your body, including your skin, by slowing the flow of oxygen
  • Estrogen
    Post-menopausal women can use estrogen creams to help reduce the skin and the fine lines of aging
  • Fatty Acids
    Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids found in olive oil, flaxseed and many fish (and fish oil supplements) help keep skin moisturized.
  • Dryness
    Cold weather and alcohol can also dry your skin
  • Antioxidants
    Antioxidants found in avocados, pomegranates and green tea extract help repair damaged skin.
  • skincare-wrinkles

Marine Pollution

Marine Pollution

For many, the ocean is a dumping ground for anything and everything. Advocates believe the “solution to pollution is dilution.”

  •  Solid waste, such as plastic bags, are consumed by marine life, often with deadly consequences
  • Discarded fishing nets drift for years, ensnaring fish and mammals
  • Scientists have discovered the pharmaceuticals we ingest but don’t fully process end up in the fish we EAT
  • Non-point Source of Pollution
    One of the biggest sources of marine pollutants is a result of runoff from such places as farms, septic tanks, and industrialized areas
  • Hypoxia Nitrogen-rich fertilizer runoff can cause massive algae blooms, robbing water of oxygen leaving little to no viable areas for marine life

Common man-made pollutants to reach the ocean:

  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Chemical fertilizers
  • Detergents
  • Oil
  • Sewage
  • Plastics

State The Facts…

  • In the North Pacific, the garbage patch known as the Pacific Trash Vortex is estimated to be the size of Texas
  • Each summer a dead zone the size of New Jersey forms in the Mississippi River Delta
  • In 2010, a new massive garbage patch was identified in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Many pollutants collect at the oceans depths where they are consumed by small marine organisms and then introduced to the global food chain
  • Degradation of shoreline areas have accelerated dramatically over the past 3 centuries with the increase of industrial discharge and runoff from farms and coastal cities

Noise Pollution
Sonar, oil rigs or even earthquakes can disturb migration, communication and reproduction patterns of marine life, particularly mammals

By The Numbers…

  • 80 Is the percentage of marine pollutant that comes from land
  • A 1,000-mile-wide swath of decomposing plastic is floating in the northern Pacific Ocean
  • More than third of shellfish growing in US waters are adversely affected by coastal pollution
  • Scientists have counted some 400 dead zones around the world
  • 1972 is the year US congress passed the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, better-known as the Clean Water Act
  • There are 40 million acres of lakes and reservoirs in the United States



How To Be A Perfect Pickup Artist

How To Be A Perfect Pickup Artist

Pickup artists achieve success with women in ways other than relying on good looks or instinct. It can take some work, but here are some tips you started

  • AI
    Wait for an “Approach invitation”, a favorable body language signal, like eye contact or a smile. If you want to build tension, playfully ignore the AI for a while before heading over
  • Groups Or Alone
    Don’t be afraid to approach a woman no matter if she’s in a group or alone. If you’re afraid to go over alone bring a wingman.
  • Call Attention
    Interact with your friends or the bartender. Not only will staying in an active, talkative state help you when you finally do approach, it makes it much more likely that you even will.
  • Keep Her Curious
    Evade her questions with humor or counter questions as long as possible. It’ll show her you’re not trying to impress her, and it will make her curious who you really her.
  • Practice The Approach
    The next time you’re out just go up to a girl and start a conversation. She may turn down, but the only way to perfect your game is to do this with as many women as possible.
  • IOI
    Learn to read a woman’s signals (called indicators of interest, termed IOI) like when she plays with her hair and laughs. This is an essential skill to acquire, because it’ll let you know when you can take the next step.
  •  AFC
    An average frustrated chump or AFC is a term coined to describe males who are clueless and incompetent with women.
  • Opening
    Initiating a conversation is called “opening” and whatever the pick up artists says while opening is called an “opener.” Openers can be “canned” (prepared in advance), or improvised
  • She’s Not For Sale
    Don’t try to woo women by buying drinks. This makes it obvious that you’re interested in her and you think you can buy her time and affection.
  • She Isn’t Hot
    Since you think the girl is hot, you are more likely to show her that she is indeed too valuable for you. From here on out, no girl is hot, she’s either “cute” or “alright”
  • Hands Out Of Pockets
    If you are at bar looking  like you are bored, don’t expect to get a positive response if you approach a girl. If you seem like a buzzkill, she will be less likely to talk to you.
  • Cold Approaching
    This occurs when the “target” hasn’t given out an “approach” invitation” to the pickup artist. Avoid doing this


15 Of The Worst Mistakes Women Make

15 Of The Worst Mistakes Women Make

15 Of the worst mistakes women make while trying to improve their attractiveness

  1. The Trout Pout
    Every man loves woman with a juicy, plumb kisser. They should be thinking Scarlet Johansson or Angelina Jolie, not Meg Ryan or Lara Flynn Boyle. There is nothing attractive about him opening his eyes from a kiss and realizing he just played tonsil hockey with plankton from Sponge-Bob Square-pants. After he realizes this, there will be absolutely no love for your Bikini bottom.
  2. Little Baby Voice
    Ok! Whoa! Stop there girl! Who told you that putting on a phony baby voice was sexy? Paris Hilton? Not only is it irritating, but it also sends subliminal messages to the male psyche saying ” i’m not your papaaaa!” and “i am not like Roman Polanski.”
  3. Hair Extensions
    Picture the scene. You, him, cuddling under a blanket watching a movie he runs his fingers through your hair. Sounds romantic right? It was until his fingers got caught on your track and when he pulled away he thought he was turning into teen Wolf. If he doesn’t turn away immediately, you can bet he won’t be coming close to your artificial rats nest away time soon .
  4. Spray Tans
    What’s orange, sticky and smells funny? Nope it’s not a rotten tangerine. Tans are sexy that’s for sure, just not when they come from a can. No guy wants to date an Oompa Loompa, that’s the opposite of hot! These tans have a very distinct odor as well . smells like soy sauce. Not only do you look like leftover General Tso’s. You kinda smell like it too.
  5. Chronic Dieting
    Contrary to popular belief, men do not want emaciated, 14 year old Estonian super models. Sorry Vogue! Men prefer healthy and curvy bodies. is there any man enraptured with passion over Rachel Zoe? Not really. Well maybe one and probably has a fetish for overcooked beef jerky. Skinny and shriveled up is not sexy.
  6. Acting Dumb
    There is nothing more daunting than trying to get through a date with a vapid bubble head. There is very limited conversation (“Um, how many calories is in lettuce and water?” ” I didn’t know our president was black! Bill Clinton is black?!” It is so quiet he can actually hear her brain working overtime to muster up a simple answer. Representing yourself like you are part of the MK Ultra sex kitten government experiment won’t get you anywhere . Men are better mankind as we know it to perish.
  7. Chicken Cutlets
    False advertisement is a crime ladies! It is never in good form (pun intended) to mislead a guy, Be proud of your boobies no matter what size. Imagine the embarrassment of getting felt up only to have the guy scream out in panic “I think i have found a tumor” while holding your floppy, life-less insert in hand. Then having to explain to him what it really is.
  8. The Booty Pop
    Big bottoms are all rage lately. Booties like peaches, that if bitten into would be full of surgery nectar. Enter The Booty Pop, the infomercial panty that gives lazy ladies a little extra jiggle. Once the booty really pops, your man will be left with a pancake and no peach. You will be left with a deficit of 19.95 plus shipping and handling. Sir Mix A Lot would not be happy, girlfriend.
  9. Showing All The Goods
    A glimpse of toned calf in stilettos, or an eye full of tanned shoulder blades in a camisole defines sexiness and lets the mind wander. Getting a close up the scars from your boob job in a halter is trashy and leaves little to the imagination. A man doesn’t want to be asked “How much for Blondie?” by potential Johns when out and about with his lady. Classy always wins out over trashy, always.
  10. Tramp Stamps
    A tramp stamp is an open invitation to the bimbo brigade. Chances are the tattoo has no significance or history other than to commemorate the 15 shots of soCo you had just taken, You see a butterfly or Chinese letters and all he sees is “Proud graduate of the Pam Anderson day school for the impossibly trashy and outdated.”
  11. Sharpie Brows
    Eyebrows are very important feature on a woman’s face. They are one of the first features noticed. Over-plucking and drawing them on harshly is never a good idea. Two strong and dark brows will make your man think you joined a street gang. He will be anticipating the day you pull a razor blade from under your tongue and cut him up, ese! leave this look to Vice City avatars.
  12. Goopy Gloss
    While you may rush to the nearest store to pick up the newest pink lip gloss to entice your man, he is thinking “Oh no!’ you may think your lips look luscious, but when he kisses you, his lips feel like a mouse caught in a glue trap. There is nothing like the thought of dead mice to get a guy going. This will only work if his name is Ben and his bff is a rat.
  13. Press On Nails
    Press on nails should be renamed press on fails. They look extremely fake and tacky. This is not the main issue though. Popping off all the time is. When you only have three nails on your hand, you run the risk of looking like Amy Wine-House, completely cracked and unaware of hygiene. Imagine baking a sweet pie for your man and when he digs in, a ruby red fake nail remains in his mouth or even worse his throat. Mmmm delicious!
  14. Mascara Overload
    Pointy, twisted, clumpy, flaky. The antithesis of attractive. Just like the lashes that accompany those words. Looking like two tarantulas made a home on your way eyelids is creepy. Let’s hope the guy you are fixing to score isn’t an arachnophobe. Tammy faye was the only one allowed to pull this look off and trust me, she did it with a lot of help and love from God.
  15. Dark Lids And Red Lips
    The whole objective of makeup is to enhance the beauty you already have, not to alter it completely and wind up looking like a demented Kabuki doll. Dark lids and red lips should never be pared together. It makes you know of a single man who would date maleficent, but quite a few who would die to sleep with the beauty.



Social Is Coming

Social Is Coming

What If Social Networks Had To Play The Game of Thrones?

1. My Space (Maester Aemon Targaryen)
Myspace made a music-focused comeback in June of 2013. Within 4 months of the relaunch, membership jumped from 24 million to 36 million

Hundred year old Maester Aemon Targaryan, like Myspace, was once the dominant force worshiped by the masses. But after his power was usurped by Facebook, Myspace has been outcast and all but forgotten – but it’s not dead yet.

2. Tumblr (Daenerys Targaryen)
In 2013, the number of active users on Tumblr grew by 74%

Daenerys Targaryen is shrouded in mystery, much like the microbiologing site Tumblr. Rumors about Daenerys have reached Westeros, but many don’t believe that her dragons even exist.
Slowly, Daenerys is making her way toward the Iron Throne, gathering forces and freeing slaves along the way. Her strength is growing, much like that of tumblr, which was acquired by yahoo! for $1.1 billion

3. Facebook (The Lannisters)
In 2012, Facebook made $5,086,000,000 in revenue and has spent over $22 billion on acquisitions since its founding in 2004

Casterly Rock sits above the most productive gold mine in westeros, making the Lannisters the wealthiest family in the Seven kingdoms. Much like Facebook, the Lannisters use their wealth and influence to grow their power, even managing to put a pureblood lannister on the throne

4.  Google+ (Petyr Baelish)
While only 3% of global social media sharing takes place on Google+, the site boasts 300 million monthly active users

Since king Robert’s Baratheon’s death, Petyr Baelish has quietly been laying plans to change the game and claim the throne.
Like Google+, Baelish is sometimes overlooked during discussions of major players, but his vast connections and skillful maneuvers make his ascension to power appear inevitable

5. Instagram ( Margaeryn Tyrell)
Instagram has 200 million active users and 23% of teens consider Instagram to be their favorite social network

While Instagram is wildly popular, Its acquisition by Facebook has cost the brand some cred. Margaery has established herself as something of a “people’s queen,” but her allegiances to the lannisters casts a shadow on her good name.
While Margaery will surely benefit from the lennisters’ power, can she also maintain her beloved status among the people?

 6. Twitter (The Starks)
52% of Twitter users consume news through the sight, rather than through traditional media

The Stark children are learning that they have abilities that allow them to be uniquely connected with world, much in the same way that Twitter has allowed people across the world to be connected. The Starks know things before they happen, can see events from very far away and can even see through the eyes of their dire wolves. They are connected to people across all of westeros in an almost instantaneous way, rather than waiting for news to get to them by messenger
Similarly, Twitter users are able to consume information quickly as stories unfold.


Methods For Training Restaurant Staff

Methods For Training Restaurant Staff

  • Instructing
    This is a passive form of training. Employees are given instructions in verbal, written or audio format on how to accomplish a task, without any demonstrations. It is useful for reinforcing a portion of training that is hands-on at a later time.
  • Demonstration
    It can be done in person or through video and it involves a demonstrator performing the tasks that new employees must learn. It is one of the best teaching methods because employees learn by seeing and doing rather than just reading or learning.
  • Shadowing
    It consists of a trainee accompanying a more experienced employee and observing them as they perform their regular duties.It exposes the employee to real world scenarios. This can turn into a hassle for the experience employee so some restaurants tend to use this training method on slow nights.
  • Mentoring
    In this method a peer mentor is assigned to every new employee. The mentor is usually an expert in the area and trains every employee the same way every time. This type of training takes off some of the weight of the manager ‘shoulder.
  • Supervision 
    This method consists of the trainee performing work tasks under close supervision. It allows the trainer to correct on the fly and observe the trainees progress. It is a method usually employed before the trainees are deemed competent enough to handle tasks on their own.
  • Role-Playing
    In role-playing employees perform their duties with the trainer playing the role of a customer. This method gives the trainee the chance to experience the pressure and potential behaviors he will encounter on the job. This technique helps build confidence and experience prior to having the trainee work on his own.
  • Mystery Shopper
    This technique is mainly used for ongoing training and performance monitoring. A mystery shopper comes to the restaurant and after they visit they fill in a checklist about their experience. Usually the checklist details everything from the cleanliness to the lighting and the music. The results are reported later and discussed with the staff.


Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity

Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity

You Know exercise is good for you, but do you know how good? From boosting your mood to improving your sex life, find out how exercise can improve your life.

  1. Exercise Controls Weight
    Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn. You don’t need to set aside large chunks of time for exercise to reap weight-loss benefits. If you can’t do an actual workout, get more active throughout the day in simple ways – by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or revving up your household chores.
  2. Exercise Combats Health Conditions And Diseases
    Worried about heart disease? Hoping to prevent high blood pressure? No matter what your your current weight, being active boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good,” cholesterol and decreases unhealthy triglycerides. This one-two punch keeps your blood flowing smoothly, which decreases your risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, regular physical activity can help you prevent or manage a wide range of health problems and concerns, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, certain types of cancer, arthritis and falls.
  3. Exercise Improves Mood
    Need an emotional lift? Or need to blow off some steam after a stressful day? A workout at the gym or a brisk 30-minute walk can help. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.
  4. Exercise Boosts Energy
    Winded by grocery shopping or household chores? Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy to go about your daily chores.
  5. Exercise Promotes Better Sleep
    Struggling to fall asleep? Or to stay asleep? Regular activity can help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep. Just don’t exercise too close to bed time, or you may be too energized to fall asleep
  6. Exercise Put The Spark Back Into Your Life
    Do you feel too tired or too out of shape to enjoy physical intimacy? Regular physical activity can leave you feeling energized and looking better, which may have a positive effect on your sex life. But there’s more to it than that. Regular physical activity can lead to enhanced arousal for women. And men who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction than the men who don’t exercise.
  7. Exercise Can Be Fun
    Exercise and physical activity can be a fun way to spend some time. It gives you a chance to unwind, enjoy the outdoors or simply engage in activity can also help you connect with family or friends in a fun social setting. So, take a dance class, hit the hiking trails or join a soccer team. Find a physical activity you enjoy and just do it. If you get bored, try something new.

The Bottom Line On Exercise.
Exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel better, gain health benefits and have fun. As a general goal, aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday. If you want to loose weight or meet specific fitness goals, you may need to exercise more. Remember to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program especially if you have any health concerns.


10 Amazing Shoe Hacks That Will Change Your Life

10 Amazing Shoe Hacks That Will Change Your Life

  1. Tape Your 3rd &4th Toes Together Before Wearing Pointed Or Closed Toe Shoes
    Take some medical tape and simply tape them together. Doing this alter your balance a little and take the pressure of the balls of your feet
  2. Use Panty Liners To Absorb Sweat
    Yes, that’s right it’s less expensive and yes, panty liners work great in absorbing sweat Plus, they stick to the souls of the shoe perfectly and remove in a snap too
  3. Use Sand Paper on the Soles Of Your Slippery Shoes 
    Gently scuff the soles with a sandpaper block. You don’t need a super course block but just enough to tame slippery surface. Works like a charm!
  4. Loosen Your Tight Shoes! Place Them In The Freezer With Ziploc Bags Filled with water
    As the water freezes, it will slowly expand the bag to greatly stretch the walls of your shoes.
  5. Insert Some Wool Fabric Into Your Shoes To keep Your Feet Warm When It’s cold
    It flattens out nicely once you walk on it and feel every so comfy and warm! You can use any wool fabric or get it on Amazon
  6. Apply Deodorant To Your Heels And Sides Of Feet To Prevent Blisters
    This hack is amazing! I’ve tried so many products to prevent blisters and none of them work as good as deodorant in protecting your feet from chafing and blistering.
  7. Use instant Heel Tip Replacement Caps
    They are long-lasting instant heel caps for damaged or worn-out heel tips. The cap covers the exposed metal nail and stops the clicking sound and prevents skidding too! Get it on Amazon
  8. Make Life Better For Both Your Toes And Your Nose With Unused Tea Bags
    Yep, get rid of those nasty odors with tea bags – the all natural way. I love this hack and have used it for years now. Works like nothing out there on the market.
  9. Combine Woolly Socks And A Blowdryer For Painless Breaking In
    This hack works great for that brand new designer shoe. All you need is a quick and painless breaking in.
  10. Only Try On Shoes In The Afternoon Or Evening
    Since our feet always tends to expand during the course of the day, it really makes sense to try them  on when our feet are already swollen