15 Essential Tools For Any Kitchen

  1. Knives
    CHEF’S KNIFE- Your best friend in the kitchen
    PARING KNIFE- For intricate slicing of vegetables and fruits
    SERRATED KNIFE- Bread and steak, for the perfect cut
  2. A Knife Sharpener
    An absolute must as it makes your life much easier when slicing and prepping
  3. Tongs
    Turning over steaks or grabbing pasta
  4. Cookware
    PAN- Sauteing and searing everything
    SAUCEPAN- Simmering and boiling soups and sauces
  5. Spatula
    For stirring, flipping and mixing
  6. Ladle
    Tasting and serving soups and broths
  7. Measuring Cups
    Detailed recipes call for detailed measurements
  8. Cutting Board
    Where nearly all prep work happens
  9. Peeler
    A timeless essential for peeling
  10. Whisk
    Mixing and thickening
  11. Colander
    Draining your grains and veggies
  12. Grater
    Extracting zest, grating veggies and cheese
  13. Garlic Press
    Getting out that juicy garlic puree
  14. Blender
    A blender for sauces, soups and glazes
  15. Kitchen ScaleĀ 
    To weigh everything you use, especially in baking


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