10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your eCommerce Christmas

It’s always good time to be an eCommerce business. But with only a few months till Christmas, now’s as good a time as any trade online.
If you’re starting out, don’t worry and follow our eCommerce business checklist to enjoy a merr-e Christmas this year.

  1. Advertising And Campaigns
    Spread the word through social media and traditional means. Products, offers, special items, delivery times – get it at all out there.
  2. Keyword And SEO
    Make sure pages data is optimized to include popular keywords that reflects the time of year and gifts for sale
  3. Customize Your Pages
    It;s Christmas – so have your website appearance reflect this if not all over, at least on the gift pages
  4. Organize Your Products
    Gifts for him/her, Dad, Mum, Granny. Categorize products in a way that people will search – especially personal gift items
  5. Packages Sell Well
    Most folk have more than one present to buy. Offer packages to encourage buying more than one item. 2-for-1, buy-one-get-one-free and so on.
  6. Gift Wrapping
    Anything you do that means less for the customers to do is a massive incentive. Offer a complimentary gift wrapping service wherever possible.
  7. Delivery And Returns
    Clearly state delivery times and return policies. Make sure customers know your latest delivery dates for arrival before 25 December.
  8.  Mobile Internet
    Shoppers on the move make up a huge proportion of eCommerce customers. Get your site optimized to cash in on this huge market
    44% of smartphone owners will consider doing Christmas shopping online
  9. Last Minute Shoppers
    Offer a premium service for last-minute shoppers if you can. Everyone forgets something, so be ready.
  10. Sales
    Start your sales as soon as you can. Smartphone and tablets will be top gifts this year – so that’s a lot of browsers over the festive period.


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