10 Wacky Facts About The Worlds’s Most Famous Piano Players

These 10 famous piano players wrote and performed some of the most well-known classical music pieces, but their personal lives are equally just as colorful. Below are 10 wacky facts about the world’s most famous pianist.

  1. Serge Rachmaninov
    No wonder Rachmaninov was such a talented piano player. It’s rumored that he had enormous hands that could span 12 piano keys
  2. Ludwig Van Beethoven
    Beethoven might have been known for improvising, but at the early age of 25 he lost his hearing.
  3. Franz Liszt
    Much like the Beatles, liszt had thousands of devoted fans who would turn hysterical during his performance.
  4. Frederic Chopin
    Those who saw Chopin perform were lucky, as the legendary pianist only gave 30 public performances during his entire lifetime.
  5.  While he might have been known for his musicality, Mozart was also famous for his toilet humor.
  6. Franz Schubert
    Standing at a mere five foot one, Schubert was given the nickname “Schwammerl, which means little mushroom.
  7.  Arthur Rubinstein
    Rubinstein had the reputation of being a grand storyteller. He was also fluent in eight languages, including Russian and French
  8. Glen Gould
    Gould was a hypochondriac. During performances, he wore gloves and an overcoat no matter the temperature.
  9. Vladimir Horowitz
    To dodge Military service, Horowitz’s father changed his son’s age on his military service card
  10. Claudio Arrau
    Arrau was child prodigy. He could read music before he could read words


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