10 Great Tips For Athletes To Avoid A Fungal Nail Infection

Athletes regularly expose their feet to stress, contamination and moisture, putting them at high risk for a toenail fungus infection. Here are 10 simple tips to avoid this risky problem

  1. Trim Your Toenails
    Keep your nails neat and clipped to prevent a place for bacteria to hide and to protect them from trauma caused by pressure from the shoe. Use clean, sanitized scissors or clippers and cut the nail straight across
  2. Wear Shoes That Fit
    A properly fitted shoe means you can fit the worth of your finger between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. The toe box should have plenty of room for your toes. Bring your preferred athletic sock to the store when getting fitted for shoes.
  3. Breathable Is Better
    Choose shoes that are made from breathable materials like genuine leather and microfiber leather with mesh upper soles. Runners should avoid shoes with a waterproof/ breathable membrane like Gore-Tax or eVent, as this will trap the moisture
  4. Smart Socks
    The best materials are the new synthetic like CoolMax or Smartwool which the moisture away from your feet, dry quickly and retain their shape. Always wear clean socks.
  5. Don’t Forget Flip-Flops
    Fungus thrive in public places like gyms, swimming pools and locker rooms. Always wear sandals or flip-flops when walking around these public spaces
  6. Shuffle Your Shoes
    Don’t wear the same sweaty shoes 2 days in a row. Buy several pairs and alternate them. Thoroughly dry out your damp shoes, preferably in the sun or with an ultraviolet shoe sanitizer
  7. Sanitize It
    Regularly scrub and disinfect your shower with cleanser. If you wear cotton socks, wash them in hot water and add bleach. Spray your shoes with anti-bacterial disinfectant
  8. Powder Your Peds
    Sprinkle an anti-fungal powder in your socks and shoes before your workout to keep fungal spores at bay.
  9.   Take athlete’s Foot Seriously
    Left untreated, Athletes Foot can easily turn into nail fungus, which is much harder to cure. Address it immediately with an over the counter treatment.
  10. Soap And Water
    Perspiration provides the perfect moist environment for fungus. After a workout wash your feet with soap and warm water and dry them thoroughly.


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