Top Performance Testing Tool

Top Performance Testing Tool

Top Performance Testing Tool

Apache JMeter
An open source load testing tool. It is widely used for analyzing the performance of web applications and their work under different conditions. It can be integrated with the test plan and allows to create a functional plan. Works under Windows OS and Unix.

Across platform open source stress testing tool. Allows to create, configure and update your tests while the application is being tested. It includes a drag and drop feature which provides virtual aid to the tester. Every time the application is modified the tools gets automatically updated without restart

A JAVA application which measures the performance of the website. The tool applies heavy load to the website by increasing the traffic and reveals the maximum amount of users it can handle simultaneously. Works under Windows, Linux and solaris

 Testing Anywhere
It is an automated testing tool used for testing the performance of any web site, web application or any other object and revealing any bottlenecks. The built in editor allows to edit the testting criteria according to your needs. Automatic testing is carried out in 5 steps. Available on all versions of Window OS.

A cross platform tool for load and stress performance testing developed by Radview Software. This tool is widely used when there is a high demand for maximum load testing and provides the information on the functionality and the exact capacity of the web applications.

HP i n v e n t LoadRunner
This HP product determines the performance of a system under heavy load. It can create and handle thousands of users at the same time. Includes several tools like Virtual User and Analysis. Compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux


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