The World of Coffee

The World of Coffee

The world of Coffee

Coffee Cherries
The coffee bean is actually the seed of a cherry like fruit that turns bright red when ready to be poked. there are two coffee bean per cherry. The pea-berry variedal, however contains only one much smaller bean

Coffee beans
There are two different type of coffee bean. The arabica and the Robusta, Arabica beans are considered to be the best quality, but can only be grown above 2000 feet while the Robusta can grow lower down.

Beans are roasted in a large drums at up to 288 degrees centigrade. At about 204 degrees centigrade, beans make a croaking sound-first crack is marking the beginning of light roasts- Second crack is the dividing point between medium and dark, roasts happens when the beans are at about 224 degrees centigrade

The Coffee belt
The coffee belt or bean belt extends above and below the equator in line with the tropics of cancer and Capricorn. All commercially grown coffee comes from this area.

Top 5 Coffee Producing Countries By Volume

  • Columbia
  • Brazil
  • Ethiopia
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia

Tips For Making A Great Coffee

  1. Freshness
     Always use good quality, freshly roasted coffee. for extra freshness  grind your own beans
  2. Cold Water
    Use fresh, clean water, preferably filtered. Don’t use mineral water as it can taint the taste of the coffee
  3. Storage
    Store coffee in an alright container in a cool, dry cupboard – never in the fridge or freezer as this introduces moisture
  4. Measure
    As a general rule use 10-20g of coffee – Approximately a heaped desert spoon – per mug (200ml)

Other Interesting Facts:

  • World coffee production is 7 million tonnes per year
  • World coffee Consumption is 500 billion  cups per year
  • Caffeine is 100mg  per 150ml cup
  • countries growing coffee is 50+ employing – 25m people
  • Coffee Trees is 4 billion in Brazil
  • Top consumers is  Finland  12kg / per year  


World of Coffee

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