The Perfect Modern Suit For The Modern Man

The Perfect Modern Suit For The Modern Man

The Perfect Modern Suit For The Modern Man

They keep your collar erect. Take them out before laundering and then get them back in there.

Nothing defines a suit louder than the lapels. Try it slim – it’s contemporary without too much hipster baloney

A good suit should hug your shoulders. Let it hold you firmly, in a friendly way

Wear your top pocket square to bring attention to the chest, not the belly

Think about width, tailoring sleeves to rid them of excess fabric cuts a mean figure.

It’s the first thing people notice keep it bold and classy and let it tie the rest outfit together. The tip of your tie should end at your belt-line, no shorter, no longer.

Your jacket should fit the silhouette to rid them of excess fabric cuts a mean figure.

Three is spicy but two is where its at. Foul-proof low buttons will build a long slim look

Ticket pockets 
Channel your inner dandy.

Flap Pockets
Classic. End of story

It’s like the frame on a painting, let a little sleeve show through as a finishing touch. It also lengthens the look of your arms.

Yes, it should match your shoes and no you don’t have to wear one if your pants fit well

Every outfit should have one timeless element, why not your watch? Consider a vintage model but makes sure you buy it from a reputable dealer

Slim, flat-long and quitting at the tops of your shoes and of story

The one thing every man should own is a black lace-ups. Real dress shoes have leather soles. Take care of your shoes: taps on the heels and toes, cedar shoe trees when you’re not wearing them. Big man, solid shoe . Choose a substantial sole to anchor your weight. Your dress shoes should be as contoured as your suits. Say no to square toes. Black lace

Get A Tailor
Spend a couple of dollars to make a $100 suit go the distance of a $1000 suit

  • $40 Sleeves
  • $30 Cuffs
  • $35 Body
  • $35 Pants
Cheat Sheet
  • Make sure it fits right, find a tailor
  • You’ll never go wrong wearing a two-button suit with a narrow lapel. It’s once classic and completely contemporary.
  • Flat front, trim pants with very little break at the ankle should do you right.
  • If you can’t cup your hands under the hem of the jacket then it’s too long.
  • Show some cuffs. It’s the mark of a well-dressed fellow.
  • Follow the seasons – cottons suits in summer, tweeds, flannels and corduroys in winter.
  • keep your patterns subtle or isolate them in small cases.


  • Keep it trim, slim and shorter than you think. You should be able to easily cup your hands beneath your suit jacket
  • Know  what size of shirt you wear, seriously, measure. Always buy a fitted dress shirt you’d like to be.
  • When in doubt, go with a semi-spread collar. Unbutton and unpress your oxford, it;s cooler that way. And some personality with a paid or gingham dress shirt and a dark tie.
  • Be a man: wear pink to the office. Loosen up: Show off your cuffs. Use stays. Learn to wash and iron, It’ll save you some top quality care.


  • Slim ties, about (2.5) inches wide, will put together a modern look.
  • The tip should reach to the belt. The four-in- hand knot will always do you right. If you’re confused by colors and patterns, keep it simple with a solid dark tie and white or light -color shirt
  • Buy a slim silk knit tie and wear it with everything you own. Match your ties to other fabrics
  • -Cotton ties with cotton suits in summer, wool with wool in winter.

Color, Pattern

  • The width of your lapels should be in proportion to the width of your tie jacket and shirt.
  • It’s foolproof to mix and match one pattern and one solid with tie and shirt
  • Go ahead with more color, just make sure its right for you. When it’s cold out, wear a slim V-neck sweater under your suit

They should be as streamlined as your wardrobe, kept clean and polished whenever you can manage. Be sure to store them with shoe, absorb moisture and keep them smelling fresh



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