The On-Page Local SEO Checklist

The On-Page Local SEO Checklist

The On-Page Local SEO Checklist

1. Optimize Logo

  • Use your business name and city in logo file name and image alt tag

2. Website

  • Name, address and local phone number (NAPs) in a prominent position on your website (at least in your footer and contact page)
  • No other business NAPs on these pages

3. Map and Direction

  • Add a Google Map with directions to reinforce the idea where you are Helpful to clients

4. Meta Title & Description

  • Include your city and region in important meta titles and description.

5. Content & Links

  • Ensure your website content contains references and links to other important and relevant local business, places and events

6. Language & GEO Tags

  • Use Correct language and region tags

Note the important difference between en-US and en-GB and de-DE and de-CH

7. Address Schema. org

  • Are you using schema? check here:
  • Find out how to set up local business schema: http//

8. Google Authorship

  • Setting up Authorship can improve your search engine click-through-rate especially if you are well-known locally

9. Present Your Team

  • Highlight your team on your website using local schema
  • Link both to and from their LinkedIn and Google+ profiles

10. Local Publicity

  • Organize local events and initiatives through your website to generate press interest

Use event and other schema where possible


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