The Benefits of Concentricity

The Benefits of Concentricity

The Benefits of Concentricity

“In GD&T, concentricity is a complex tolerance used to establish a tolerance zone for the median points of a cylindrical or spherical part feature. Concentricity is generally reserved for high-precision parts when there is a need to control median points.” -eMachineShop

1. Efficient Use of Materials
Eliminate the need to turn off excess OD material to achieve a uniform wall

  • In a bar with a 1″ OD that is 60 inches long, precision techniques used by Tube Hollows could Save as much as 21% in material

2. Minimize Vibrations in Rapidly Rotating Parts 
Shafts with eccentric walls wobble – highly undesirable in a high precision engine operating environment.

  • Aerospace parts rotate at speeds up to 12,000 RPM

3. Handles High Pressures Consistently and Effectively
Seamless, uniform walled tubing handles extreme pressures and temperatures safely.

  • Custom heavy wall tubing machined by Tube Hollows has operated in environments as high as 45,000 psi

4. Parts Wear Evenly and Predictably
Concentric tubing resists corrosion and fatigue predictably, facilitating inspection and maintenance schedules.

  • Industry standard tubing has a +/-10% wall variation
  • Tube Hollows regularly machines tubing with wall variations less than 1%

5. Ensures a Tight Fit Between Tubing and other Fixtures 
Tubular components machined to very tight concentricity specs integrate easily and efficiently into other parts of an assembly, reducing downtime and complex retrofitting.

6. Higher Quality for Drawing Process
Super precision input hollows yield higher quality and superior productivity for tube drawing processes.

  • Increase yield
  • Reduce Stoppages during the tube drawing process

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