Tax Day: Our Shared Investments

Tax Day: Our Shared Investments

Tax Day: Our Shared Investments

Investments By Value Area:
Tax revenues are the vehicle by which as a state make investments in a more prosperous Washington. Our shared investments in safe neighborhoods, quality schools, public health and a cleaner environment are all made possible by the resources gathered through our revenue system. But where exactly do those taxes go?

Education & opportunity (52%)

  • Early Learning programs for children
  • High quality k-12 education
  • Higher educational opportunities
  • Skill re-tooling programs

 Healthy people and Environment (28%)

  • Public and environmental health protections
  • Supports for families and child protections
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Care for people with long-term health needs

 Thriving communities (17%)

  • Efficient and transparent state government
  • Safety and equal justice
  • Balanced and sustainable economic growth

 Economic Security (3%)

  • Work supports for low and moderate income families
  • Aid to Washingtonians for meeting basic needs


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