Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

How the Right Plan and Automation can Save you Time and Make you more Effective

Rapid Growth

The number of social channels a marketer has to worry about has skyrocketed in the last few years. Where once a marketer could focus on just one or two primary channels, they are now faced with dozens. Many marketers feel overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. So how can the modern marketer run a top notch social program and still keep their sanity? Let’s take a look!

  • Why do so many marketers struggle?
    Many marketers waste time with no defined strategy
  • How can social be more manageable
    A well designed and consistently executed plan saves time
  • The combined user base of these social channels is more than the entire human population!

Let’s take a look at a streamlined approach to your management of six of the major social networks. Your channel mix may vary from those covered below, you should still identify 2-3 daily activities for your networks and give yourself a time limit for each.

Twitter (10 Minutes)

  • Automation Tip
    Schedule out your tweets from your automation solution to see all of your schedule tweets in one place
  • Respond
    Take a few minutes once or twice a day to respond to any tweets that may have been directed your way.
  • Schedule
    Schedule out tweets for the next week to promote any recent content or events.
  • Share
    Take a few minutes to share the content of others in your industry to help build relationships

Facebook (6 Minutes)

  • Automation Tip
    Save time by automatically having your prospects’ social data imported into their lead profiles.
  • Respond to Comment & Engage
    Respond to any comments on your wall or on your content. Spend a few minutes liking the content of your partners, clients, and thought leaders in your industry.
  • Promote & Share Content and Images
    Promote your recent content on your page. Highly visual content like videos and graphics will perform the best. Also share some behind the scenes photos of your staff.

LinkedIn (6 Minutes)

  • Automation Tip
    Use marketing automation to make social posts to multiple outlets, all from within the same interface.
  • Promote
    Share your more professional content and notable news on your company profile.
  • Groups
    Share your content in related LinkedIn groups and engage in any notable discussions
  • Questions
    Ask questions on your page and in relevant groups to start discussions of your own.

 Pinterest (4 Minutes)

  • Pin Any Recent Internal/External Content 
    Take a moment to pin any recent visual content. This can include blog images, infographics, or staff photos. Also pin any relevant external content you have found
  • Engage with your Recent Pinners
    Get social with the people that have pinned your content. Return the favor, comment, or thank them. Saying thanks on a new social channel can be extra engaging.

Google+ (2 Minutes)

  • Automation Tip
    Gauge prospect interest in your content by seeing who clicks on links shared on your social sites.
  • Share any Recent Content to your Circles
    Share your recent content on your page and use your circles to segment out only the most relevant audience. Google+ is a great forum for longer posts like articles
  • Ask Questions & Start Conversations
    Your audience on Google+ is respective to longer form content like engaging questions and discussions. Try to facilitate a conversion between your followers.

Instagram (2 Minutes)

  • Culture 
    Take your fans behind the scenes with pictures of your staff, events and office space.
  • Content
    Promote across channels by sharing pictures of a recent infographic or slideshare deck

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