New Words Of 2012

New Words Of 2012

New Words Of 2012

Aha Moment
“My aha moment was when i tried yellow instead of blue for the background.”

Bucket List
“Both Bob and Phil had skydiving on their hooked up this summer to go skydiving together.”

“I woke up this morning with an earthworm and have been humming ‘White Christmas’ all day.”

Energy Drink
“After three energy drinks and half a pot of coffee, Annabelle realized she could now run in four directions at once.”

“Bernie accidentally hit us with an F-bomb but quickly apologized.”

Game Changer
“The touchdown proved to be a game changer and packers won 27-22.”

“I only had two drinks, but it was gassed and needed a ride home

“My favorite gastropub is known for gourmet sandwiches.”


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