Men’s Style 2016

Men’s Style 2016

Men’s Style 2016

2016 is a year in fashion where every man will be able to find the right suit for their individual needs. With a variety of styles, fabrics and silhouettes, every body type can be featured in its be light

Suits For Every Budget
Fashionable suits are available for all budgets. While the proverbial “well dressed man” can spend several thousand dollars, the purchase of a new suit need not be expensive at all. Quality suits can be found online for as little AS $79


  • A wool is traditionally thought of as the most common fabric for men’s Suits. Depending upon the weave of the wool, these suits can be worn for winter as well as more mild temperatures. Wool is durable and drapes well against the body.
  • Cashmere may also be blended with wool, giving a suit a softer luxurious texture.
  • Linen suits say summer, with heavier types of linen less likely to wrinkle easily.

Jackets With Multiple Buttons
Fashionable suits for men can be purchased with one button, all the way up to five buttons suits.

Double Breasted Suits
Heating up the runways in men’s fashion for 2016, were a large number of suits designed in this modern and yet classic style.

  • Double breasted jackets can be worn for any occasion, from office wear to former party attire.
  • For the gentleman who seeks to add a retro vibe to his wardrobe, the double breasted suit jacket fits the bill.

Linen Suits
Linen is a fabric that continues to make a statement for spring and summer

  • Lightweight and well ventilated, a linen suit is perfect for everything activity from the daytime office to chic night-time wear.
  • A stand-out in linen fashion, was the arrival of lightly colored linen suits in shades of cream, tan and white.
  • One style that remains popular is the linen suit, worn by grooms and their groomsmen for beach for weddings at the beach



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