What to Look for when Purchasing New Violin

What to Look for when Purchasing New Violin

What to Look for when Purchasing New Violin

1. Step Up
When Purchasing a violin you will want to make sure that the instrument is completely set up by an experience luthier to exceed all MENC specifications and standards. This set up is crucial to the playability of your Violin

2. Full Selection Models
You will want to shop from a full selection of Violin models with varying features and levels available. Whether you are a parent, teacher or student, and no matter what level you are playing at, you will want different options available to you.

3. All Sizes Available
Violins come in 8 different sizes. The largest size is the 4/4, and the 1/32 is the smallest size available. When looking to purchase a Violin you will first need to measure what size will suit you best.

4. Additional Instruments
Additional instruments such as Violas, Cellos and Basses are always another option once you have learned the violin and are looking to expand your learned horizons. A premier stringed instrument shop will offer all types of instruments.

5. Violin Accessories
Once you have purchased a Violin you will want to have some additional items for cleaning items for cleaning and care such as an instrument care kit & polish cloth. You will also want to have a quality tuner and metronome to assist you in your practice sessions.

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