How To Choose The Right Ring

How To Choose The Right Ring

How To Choose The Right Ring

A guide to the world of diamonds

1. Budget

  • They say a gentleman should spend two months salary.
  • We say spend whatever you’re comfortable with.

2. Ring Size

  • Be sneaky and grab one of her ring. We can use that to find a size.
  • Enlist the help of her one of her secret-keeping friends.
  • Take her out to Tav on the Ave And play around with our coasters on every table!

3. Metal
Choose from:

  • yellow gold
  • white gold
  • rose gold
  • platinum

4. Quality

  • What tons of sparkle? Choose a diamond with high cut and color grade.
  • Size more important? Go for a larger carat weight or consider a Yehuda diamond ton keep the price down.

5. Shape Of The Ring

  • Round:
    For the woman who loves classic styles and has a fuss-free approach to fashion.
  • Emerald-Asscher:
    Worn by women with confidence and who have an appreciation for vintage designs.
  • Pear:
    For those who have an appreciation for contemporary designs and don’t mind standing out
  • Marquise:
    For the lover of Hollywood glamour and who has a passion for romance.
  • Heart:
    For the woman who is a shameless romantic and who finds joy in being true to herself.
  • Cushion:
    Worn by romantics who have a love of elegant style and vintage luxury.
  • Princess-Radiant:
    For the modern thinker who has a respect for the aged tradition
  • Oval:
    Worn by women who enjoy sophisticated and elegance but want to be unique.

6. Setting

  • Solitaire
    A single diamond stop a plan band. For the minimalist who is polished and put together.
  • Bezel
    Center diamond is set in a halo of gold. For the lover of mixing modern and vintage.
  • Channel
    Side diamonds are set into the band. Can either be extremely modern or really vintage.
  • Micropave
    Many small diamonds are set on the band. Worn by those who keep with the trends.

7. Halo
Is bigger always better? Go with a halo! It makes the center stone look larger without blowing the budget.

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