Daily Habits of 8 Top Real Estate Agent

Daily Habits of 8 Top Real Estate Agent

Daily Habits of 8 Top Real Estate Agent

8 top Realtors Reveal the Daily Routine that Makes Them Successful

1. Plan your Day Before it Starts
Take a few minutes the night before and plan your top priorities for the following day. Attack those things first!

2. Write Valuable Blog Content
“The more quality content you publish, the better chance you have to get found by buyersr and sellers. make blogging a priority and you will see results.” – Anita Clark

3. Invest in a Great Website
” You need to spend money to make money. Too many agents don’t invest back into their business. I recommend having a state of the art website” -Bill Gasset

4. Network and Socialize Daily
“I’ve had the most success getting new clients by hosting parties at home. I do several a year, and invite my past clients, neighbors & friends to bring a guest or two with them” Wendy Weir

5. Give to get
When starting out on social media, share & promote the content of other top Realtors. They’ll eventually want to reciprocate and share your yours.

6. Put Clients Needs First
“Anything that helps my clients immediately goes to the top of my list. If you don’t make clients happy nothing else matters.” – Paul Sian

7. Stay up on Social Media
Understand the importance of social media and blogging in real estate. Doesn’t it make sense to put yourself in front of potential buyers and sellers online? –

8. Respond Quickly to Leads
Respond to ALL online leads. You may get the client by default. “many of my clients were surprised that i was the only one who called them back!” – Debbie Drummond.

9. Bonus: Use the right software
Getting organized is the best way to ensure that no enquiries or prospects goes forgotten. Using a software tool such as RentalAgent.io can help you a long way to keep track of everything.

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