Coffee & Carbon

Coffee & Carbon

Coffee & Carbon

The impact of coffee supply chain:

1. Pre-Consumer:

To produce 1kg of green coffee it takes 477 liters of fresh-water.

2.4kg CO2e Per 1kg of coffee has the below stages before consumption

  • Distribution 18%
  • Growing 22%
  • Packaging 13%
  • Roasting 32%
  • Transportation 15%

How far a product is transported before being consumed is to as food miles. (SEATTLE 4530)

One large cargo ship emits as much asthma and cancer causing pollutants as 50 million cars.

2. Consumption:

The GHG emissions resulting from brewing and consuming coffee varies wildly, depending on the method used to brew the beverage.

Brewing 1kg of coffee takes an average of 16 liters of water

Data derived from carbon life-cycle study-organic, fair trade coffee Peru to Seattle, Washington

coffee and carbon

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