A Chip Trip Around the World

A Chip Trip Around the World

A chip trip around the world

PepsiCo’s potato chip brand generate more than $10 billion in global retail sales annually. Here’s a look into how tailoring chips to local taste preferences around the globe has fueled the growth of one of the worlds favorite snacks

  • Lays (U.S. Classic):
    Tried and true, the top flavors in the U.S. by ranking are classic, BBQ, sour cream and onions, salt and vinegar and cheddar and sour cream
  • Sabritas (Mexico Adobadas):
    Adobadas (a mixture of chilies used in Mexican cooking) is a top-selling flavor in mexico and associated with warmth, tradition and pleasure
  • Lays (Spain Gambas al Ajilo):
    Lay’s Spain announced this as the winner of its ” Casting de sabores” (Do Us a flavor) competition. Gambas al ajilo is inspired by a traditional Spanish tapas dish of prawns, garlic and small chills.
  • Walkers (United kingdom pickled onion):
    Pickled onions accompany cheddar cheese and bread in a traditional “ploughman’s,” a meal commonly served in U.K. pubs.
  • Lays (Russia Red Caviar):
    Red caviar was an expensive, hard-to-buy product during soviet times and is now associated with holiday feasts, weddings and other festive occasions for many Russians.
  • Lays (China Numb & Spicy Hot Pot):
    Spicy is a fast-growing flavor category in china. Customers expect that a spicy potato chip will mimic the full experience of eating  this winter stew, which traditionally consists of ingredients placed into a simmering stock pot at the center of the dining table.
  • Lays (Thailand Nori seaweed):
    Since 1985 when it first launched in Thailand, Lay’s has been the best-selling snack brand in the country. Other localized flavors include Hot and spicy crab, Hot and chili squid, Lobster hot plate  and cheese with chili paste.
  • Smiths (Australia Vegemite):
    Smith’s Vegemite flavored crisps, developed in conjunction with kraft and local retailer coles, was one of the most successful limit edition launched in Australia. There is popular demand for the flavor to be brought back…
  • Lays (South Africa Spring onion & cheese):
    South Africa offers a melting pot of international flavors, including Caribbean onion & balsamic vinegar and Thai sweet chili.
  • Lays (India Magic Masala):
    Launched broadly in India, magic masala matches the exuberant and complex flavor of the Indian spice mixture with the blend of spicy, sour and hot tastes. One in every five packs of lays’s sold in India is magic masala

PepsiCo potato chip flavors around the world. (PRNewsFoto/PepsiCo)

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