7 Pointers To Make Your Radio AD A tempting Treat

7 Pointers To Make Your Radio AD A tempting Treat

The Target Market
Deduce the largest audience for your products’s Radio Ad. A particular age bracket, a specific gender or a preferred sector would determine the theme for your Radio Ad.

A Unique Idea
Stand out, think out of the box and come up with an idea that keeps hooked till the very end.

A Powerful Voice
Unlike Television, you won’t have eye-catching and stunning models to impress your customers on Radio. Chooses a powerful voice that leaves an impact on users till it lasts.

Lighten Things Up
On Radio, nothing can be as captivating and attention grabbing as good music. Choose a classic background tune for your Radio Ad that keeps the listeners humming even after ad has finished.

Making An Impression
Try and make your point clear to users in the first few seconds. User attention span is always less and you would want to grab maximum attention as early in the piece as possible.\

More Often Than Not
A short but more frequently aired ad will bear more fruits than a long but less aired ad.

Invest Wisely
Morning and evening times bring the highest traffic for radio listeners. Use the correct time slots for more impact.