7 Leadership Styles Displayed By Great Leaders, Past And Present

7 Leadership Styles Displayed By Great Leaders, Past And Present

7 Leadership Styles Displayed By Great Leaders, Past And Present

The position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group

1. Bill Clinton

  • Born August 19, 1946
  • 42nd president of the United states
  • ¬†Oversaw the country’s longest peacetime economic expansion

Charismatic Leadership

  • Uses charm to get the admiration of their followers
  • Shows concern for their people and books after people’s needs
  • Creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for their followers by listening and making followers feel heard

2. Donald Trump

  • Born June, 1946
  • Real Estate mogul and billionaire
  • Hosts the NBC reality series The Apprentice

Participative Leadership

  • Acts more like facilitators rather than dictators
  • Facilitates the ideas and the sharing of information with the end goal of arriving at a decision
  • Considers and factors opinions of the collective mind of the group

3. Dwight Eisenhower

  • Born October 14, 1890
  • 34th President of the United states
  • Eased Cold War tensions by promoting Atoms for Peace

Situation Leadership

  • Considers three factors when making decisions; the situation, the capability of the followers and the capability of the leader
  • Adjust to whatever limitations is laid out in front of him by his subordinates and the situation
  • Acts in a dynamic way based on the different situations they are faced with

4. Joseph McCarthy

  • Born November 14, 1908
  • US Senator
  • Became chair of the Senates subcommittee on investigations

Transactional Leadership

  • Establishes a clear chain of command
  • Motivates his subordinates by presenting them with rewards and punishments
  • States requirements for a subordinate with corresponding rewards

5. Walt Disney

  • Born December 5, 1901
  • Founder of Disney
  • Created “The Happiest Place On Earth” and Micky Mouse

Transformational Leadership

  • Motivates their followers
  • Appeals to their followers’ ideas and morals
  • Empower their followers using their own beliefs and personal strengths

6. Abraham Lincoln

  • Born February 12 1809
  • 16th president of the United States
  • Brought about the emancipation of slaves

The Quiet Leader

  • Leads by example without telling people what to do
  • Does not give loud speeches, sweeping statements or clearcut orders

7. George Washington

  • Born February 22, 1732
  • 1st President of the United States
  • Leader of the Continental army in the American Revolution

Servant Leadership

  • Takes care of the needs of their followers first before they take care of their own
  • Acts as a servant to followers, instead of acting like a king
  • Serves their followers rather that force upon them what they want

7 Leadership Styles Great Leaders Displayed Both Past And Present

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