6 Reasons to Love IBM Verse

6 Reasons to Love IBM Verse

6 Reasons to Love IBM Verse

VERSE Helps me Focus

  • By helping me focus on my key contacts
  • By helping me keep track of what i owe to others
  • By reminding me of what i am waiting for
  • By allowing at a single click to dispose of read email
  • Through its optimized screen size on small screens and windows

VERSE Works for me

  • By identifying my frequent contacts from my recent activities
  • By introducing me to people through relationship maps and business cards (team analytics)
  • By building a smart type-ahead addressing for my use
  • By reminding me of due items
  • By providing me a visual on my calendar at all times so i can join meetings in a snap
  • By freeing me from having to file or archive mail

VERSE Helps me Find Things

  • By grouping my email threads together, so the entire discussion is in one spot
  • Through its easy to use and fast search capability
  • By flagging to my attention outstanding mail from my important contacts
  • By letting me view mail through a wide variety of criteria like time, senders…
  • By allowing me to view my email calendar together

VERSE Lets me Act Rapidly

  • It’s easy to tame my inbox with one click that triages my email
  • It’s easy to share mail to a social platform
  • It lets me preview quickly a file in context
  • It allows me to attach files easily from many containers
  • It gives me a tour of new features so i can be an early adopter

VERSE Simplifies my Life

  • By allowing me to compose an email in a new window while i read and compose other email
  • By allowing me to adopt the messages list view to my taste for more or less message header information
  • By allowing me to resize the width of my message
  • By providing me with an intuitive rich test editor
  • By autosaving as i work and saving my drafts with one click

VERSE Keeps me Connected

  • By making it easy to share messages in a blog
  • By making it easy to share or link to files with internal and external users(Box)
  • By notifying me of new mail or calendar events on my mobile device
  • By allowing me to work my mail or calendar when i’m disconnected
  • By conveniently providing contact information and allowing interaction with my peers directly from their business card

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