5 Ways to Optimize your Infographics for Pinterest

5 Ways to Optimize your Infographics for Pinterest

1. Size Matters.
Keep your infographics to the optimal Pin size – about 735 pixels wide. The length should be somewhere around 1102px, but you can make it longer if you like.

Bonus tip: Many people cut their infographics into different pieces to create a series of Pins. This way, more information is shared in a visually-optimized way and you can increase your Pin reach without Pining the same thing.

2. You Need White Space.
Images with less than 10% whitespace are much less likely to be Pinned than those with more open space. When creating your infographic, make sure you’re not filling up every pixel of space with an icon or text.

3. Remember Your Brand.
Using the same fonts and colors that are consistent with your brand or Pinterest theme is essential. Use your brand style guide to influnce your visual creation process.

4. Use the Search Function
When you’re trying to decide sort of infographics to create or what topic it should fall under, do a quick search on Pinterest. Start a word related to your topic and see what other options pop up

5. Remember the Call to Action
Add a Call to Action like “Click to see full infographic!” or “Find other 5 tips at…” This way, you establish your Pin as a source of information, but you don’t give it all away¬†