5 Skills Every Workplace Leader Needs

5 Skills Every Workplace Leader Needs

5 Skills Every Workplace Leader Needs

Every leader has to undergo a period of trial and error before he or she learns what will truly motivate employees and improve business. But familiarizing yourself with proven strategies of leadership can help you skip the errors and head straight for success. Learn about the 5 strategic leadership skills that can transform your business.

1. Evaluating The Business Environment

  • Less Than 1 in 2 CEOs believe their organizations are prepared to deal with an increasingly complex business environment
  • >60% of CEOs say industry transformation is the #1 creator of uncertainty
  • 86%  of companies that have strategic leadership development programs can respond rapidly to changes in the business environment as compared to 52% of companies whose leadership programs are less mature
  • Considering the dynamics of the business environment
  • Identifying opportunities and threats in that environment

2. Managing Projects Effectively

  • Only 64% of projects met their original business goals in 2011
  • Managing Finances:
    Building, Costing and Resource allocation
  • Maximizing Potential:
    Project organizational structure, Work breakdown, scheduling and Human resources
  • Maximizing Risk: 
    71% of organizations utilize risk management as part pf their projects and programs

3. Cultivating Strategic Thinking & Innovation

  • Only 26% of Millennials believe leaders are effectively fostering innovation
  • Yet 2 in 3 consider innovation a key factor in the attractiveness of an employer
  • Identifying limitations and mindsets that inhibit strategic thinking
  • Developing a framework for creating strategic options

4. Managing Change & Uncertainty

  • Where dos change happen?
    In the global business environment and in your organization
  • 73% of organizations use change management to drive their programs and projects
  • Analyzing your company’s capacity for change relative relative to its environment
  • Fostering strong organizational culture and trust
  1. 82% of people don;t trust that business leaders will tell the truth
  2. 65% of people would rather have a better boss than a salary increase
  • Quick Decision
    This highest performing organizations are 54% more likely to respond to change by making rapid decisions

5. Shaping Your Organization’s Future

  • Only 1 out of 5 organizations encourage and reward creativity and new ideas Yet
  • 78% of future business leaders believe innovation is necessary for growth
  • Developing leadership within your company
  • Only 36.1% of companies feel prepared to fill leadership role vacancies

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