5 Lead Generation Idea

5 Lead Generation Idea

5 Lead Generation Idea

If you want to increase the conversion rate on your website, you need to get smart and creative with your lead generation tactics. Asking for blog subscriptions and gating high-quality content still works but you have to be smart about where you’re offering them on your website. And they shouldn’t be your only lead generation plays

Here are some lead generation ideas for B2B and B2C marketers to try

1. Put your Calls-to-Action In People’s Natural Eye Path
An eye tracker study found that when people read a webpage, we naturally start by looking in the upper left hand corner of the page and then move our eyes in an F-shaped pattern

2. Use pop-up and Slide-in Forms the Right Way
Pop-ups have been vilified in the last few years -and quite understandably, too.

3. Add Anchor Texts to Old Blog Posts that Align Closely with your Gated Offers
An anchor text CTA is a standalone line text in a blog post linked to a landing page that’s styled as an H3 or an H4 to make it stand out from the rest of the post’s body copy.

The more relevant the anchor text CTA is to what the visitor is looking for, the better it’ll perform.

4. Support the Launch Of a New Campaign with a Launch Post and other Blog Posts on Related Topics.
Every time you launch a new marketing campaign, posting the good news on your blog should be a key part of your launch plan. It’s a great way to let your existing subscribers know what new content, products and features you’re putting out there, and it also helps introduce these launches to brand-new audiences.

5. Use Social Media Strategically for Lead Generation.
In addition to promoting new blog posts and content to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites, be sure to regularly post links to blog posts and even directly to the landing pages of offers that have historically performed well for lead generation.

You’ll need to do a lead generation analysis of your blog to figure out which posts perform best for lead generation

5 Lead Generation Idea

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