12 Simple Ways to Increase your Productivity

12 Simple Ways to Increase your Productivity

12 Simple Ways to Increase your Productivity

1. Choose the Right Time
Schedule your most thought intensive tasks for a time when you are most awake and alert, saving easier tasks for times of the day when your energy levels are at their lowest.

2. Prioritize Your Tasks
Your time is the most valuable resource you will ever have. Cut out tasks that are not imperative to get done in a given day.

3. Plan your Daily Goals
Each night, write down 3 tasks that you would like to accomplish the next day. This will set you for success as you will begin the day with a clear picture of the actionable tasks that you must complete

4. Eliminate Distractions
Keep a log of the distractions that you face daily. This will give you a better idea of what is keeping you off track. Email, Text, and Social Media is the Bermuda Triangle of productivity.

5. Pomo-doro Technique
Using this technique will give you a better sense of the time that it takes to complete each task. Start out by giving yourself 20 mins to accomplish as much as possible on a task that may take much longer.

6. Accountability
Give yourself deadlines and log your completion for each task. This gives you visual representation of your accomplishments and the tasks that you are focusing on. As an added bonus this will also motivate how big or small they may be. Breaking up large tasks into smaller sections will also work with this.

7. Delegate Some of the Work
It is sometimes hard for founders and team leads to let go of some of the control. Your time may be more valuable accomplishing other tasks. Delegate the simple tedious tasks to open up your schedule to accomplishing new goals.

8. Pareto Principle
80% of the results stem from 20% of the effort focus on the tasks that will allow you the most benefits to actions taken. This is easier than it sounds, however the critical 20% tends to be the least enjoyable of tasks.

9. Set Short Term Goals
These goals should be small steps to accomplishing a much larger goal. As an example, you may decide to complete 10 actions before hanging out with friends, going to the mall, or watching TV. This dedication will encourage you to accomplish more without slacking off over time.

10. Just Getting Started
Dedicate 30 mins/day on a specific task that you have time convincing yourself to each day like exercising or reading a book.

11. Categorize your Tasks
Switching tasks can be difficult for some. To avoid any wasted time, group related tasks together to allow you to batch process them to be more effective with your time.

12. Immediate Inbox
Avoid checking your email in the early morning. This can put you in reactive state where your focus is wasted on tasks that do not need immediate attention.


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