10 Ways to Design a Landing Page that Sells

10 Ways to Design a Landing Page that Sells

10 Ways to Design a Landing Page that Sells

1. Meta titles, description & URLS
Make your page SEO friendly with highly relevant keywords. With relevant titles and meta descriptions, you can drive more quality traffic to your landing page

2. Contact methods
Phone numbers are most commonly found in the top right hand corner. Place your contact number here so your customer can get in touch with you as quickly as possible

3. Compelling headings
A headline will set the expectations of your visitor almost instantly and will help decide if your page is suitable for them or not. Just like a newspaper article, make your headlines powerful and compelling.

4. Scarcity
The harder to get a product or service is, the more enticing it becomes. Use words like”limited time only” or “This month only” or “Daily sale”

5. Hero Shot
The image needs to be unique to your business and communicate what you do immediately.

6. Bullet Points
long stabs of text tire the eyes quickly. Bullet points are not only easier to read, they make it easier to absorb information.

7. Calls to Action
tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do. Reduce their frustration and confusion by making your instructions large, clear and easy to read.

8. Build Trust
You wouldn’t buy something if you did not trust the company. Use testimonials, case studies or even the logos of companies you’ve worked with to establish creativity.

9. Benefits Trump Features
Include the features of your product or service, but describe them in a way that emphasizes their benefits: how your offering will improve the lives of your customers.

10. Useful Footers
Proving a physical address in your footer shows that you are in established business. Place links for other pages which may interest your readers here in case they want more information

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