10 Tips To Help You If Have A Flat Foot

10 Tips To Help You If Have A Flat Foot

10 Tips To Help You If Have A Flat Foot

Ouch! Having flat feet is definitely not fun. A flat foot occurs when the arch of the foot is collapsed and the entire foot can completely touch the ground. Flat foot is sometimes caused by abnormal foot development or it can be hereditary, the result being a flattened arch.

1. Limit Your Exercise When Pain Flares Up
When the pain gets bad due to flat foot, it’s best to take it easy. For example, if you are a runner, try to let the pain subside for a few days before attempting to run again. Then ease back into your routine slowly. Remember to stretch your feet well before doing any type of exercise routine.

2. Wear Shoes That Support Your Feet.
It’s quite simple if you aren’t getting the proper arch support that you need, your feet will feel discomfort and pain. Choose shoes that have strong arch support and possibly even removable insoles. Shoes with wide toes and low heels can also help.

3. Wear Orthotics
Orthortics can help with many types of foot problems, especially flat foot. See a podiatrist for prescription orthotics or you may even find a pair over-the-counter that works for you

4. Watch Your Weight And Lose Weight If Necessary
Believe it or not, weight plays a huge role in foot pain. All of the muscles, tenders and ligaments in your foot become weekend the more weight are made to support. This makes flat foot pain worse. Over time, being overweight can even make normal foot arches collapse and cause someone to develop flat feet

5. Massage Your Feet
There’s nothing like a relaxing massage – especially when your feet hurt! There can be many benefits to getting your feet massaged or massaging them yourself. Massage promotes muscles and joint relaxation and eases stress on the foot

6. Take Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID) Medication
At higher doses, NSAIDs can help reduce inflammation and therefore lesson pain. Speak to your doctor or pediatrist before taking any medications

7. Strengthen Your Feet
Strengthening your feet won’t cure flat, but it can help alleviate the pain associated with it. One popular exercise for flat foot pain is standing tall on one leg balancing your body. It may be difficult at first, but with a little practice you’ll be feeling better in no time

8. Have Surgery On Your Feet
In case of extreme pain due to flat foot, surgery may be the only option. Fusing your foot or ankle bones together, removing bones or even grafting bones to make your arches rise better are all options for you

9. Ice Your Feet 
You can use packs of frozen vegetables or ice packs to get relief from  pain caused by flat feet. Just remember: Treating flat feet with heat can make the inflammation and pain worse.

10. Avoid Putting Stress On Your Feet
Protect your feet by wearing cushioned shoes outdoors and soft slippers indoors. Walking on hard surfaces without a shock barrier will definitely cause some unwanted pain.


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