World Octopus Day

  • The giant pacific octopus can weigh more than 600 pounds
  • All species are venomous, but the only one dangerous to humans, responsible for at least two deaths.
  • One hundred thousand is the maximum number of eggs that a female octopus can lay, but the average litter size is only 80
  • Octopuses Vs. octopi: The plural in English is “octopuses,” but the Greek plural form “octopodes” is sometimes used. “octopi,” while commonly used, is is considered incorrect,
  • An octopus has 3 hearts
  • The giant can inhabit depths of up to 5,000 feet
  • A mature female octopus can have up to 280 suckers on each arm! each sucker contains thousands of chemical receptors, with sensitivities to both touch and taste
  • Octopuses can quickly change the color and texture of their skin
  • Octopuses are about 90% muscle
  • Because they don’t have bones, even large octopuses can fit through an opening the size of a quarter
  • 300 recognized species of octopus
  • Octopuses inject their prey with venom using a beak similar to a bird’s made from the same tough material as a lobster shell.


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