What Your Coffee Says About You

  • Espresso
    You’re friendly and adaptive. You actually like the taste of coffee, a rare but admirable trait.
  • Double Espresso
    You’re practical and hard-working. You like knowing that one shot just doesn’t do it for you anymore
  • Triple Espresso
    You’re enthusiastic but obsessive. You’ve been awake since the late 90’s
  • Mocha
    You’re fun-loving and creative., you hate the taste of coffee, but you need the pick-me up, so you improvise.
  • Latte 
    You’re reflective but often indecisive. In a world of unknowns, you like the safe pick.
  • Cappuccino 
    You’re warm-hearted but oblivious at times. Your friends have to remind you to wipe the foam off your lip.
  • Machiato
    You’re traditional and reserved, but for the most part, you hate foam mustaches.
  • Iced Coffee
    You’re assertive and outspoken. You don’t let seasons dictate how you live your life. Also you like straws
  • Americano
    You’re calm and conscientious. You enjoy the simple things in life, like picnics in the park, birds chriping and watery coffee.
  • Frappuccino
    You’re happy and energetic. You claim to love coffee, but really, you just love ice cream.
  • Coffee-to-go
    You’re serious and focused. You believe  when the going gets tough, the tough get cardboard sleeves because the cups too hot.
  • Expresso
    You’re clever, annoying, or both. You knowingly or unknowingly mispronounce eSpresso. Either way, i hate you.


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