An Ultimate Guide to Top SEO Jobs

  1. SEO Trainee
    The designation of an SEO trainer ranks the lowest in the hierarchical order of the SEO job profiles
  2. SEO Executive
    The profile of the SEO executive is not a very influential position.
  3. SEO Analyst
    SEO analyst may pronounce his functions as reviewing the work of the SEO executive, being well versed with the keyword finding and implementing techniques.
  4. SEO Strategist
    SEO strategist is to lay down strategies which will be implemented & followed to increase and enhance the SEO of the company’s website.
  5. SEO Specialist
    The SEO specialist is the one who is accountable for maintaining and managing the organic search results of the company’s web pages.
  6. SEO Consultant
    The profile of an SEO consultant is present in the Digital marketing agencies to provide third party help.
  7. SEO Technician
    SEO technician include assessing the competitor’s website for updates and finding link building opportunities
  8. SEO Account Manager
    SEO account manager carries social media campaigns on popular networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  9.  SEO Manager
    Manager is supposed to analyze the reports of all campaigns running at a particular time.
  10. SEO Trainer
    SEO trainer is an SEO expert who mentors the subordinate employees to master the SEO functioning implementation
  11. SEO Director
    The SEO Director heads the department and keeps a check on the goals set and achieved.

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