Top 5 Hormones Balance Natural Remedies

  1. Exercise
    Nobody like to exercise, but it’s important if you want to keep your hormone levels under control. Once i started working out regularly, my whole world changed. Not only did it help my hormone levels, it also made me less stressful, stop eating so much, less moody and all around happier.
    Imagine exercise as being the valve that controls the tap that is your hormone output. By exercising, you help balance the endorphin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, growth hormones and insulin levels in your body. Training also helps: reduce stress levels strengthens your immune system and regulates metabolic function. It truly is the ultimate cure.
  2. Sleep 
    Sleep is one of those things people often dismiss. What they misunderstand, is that sleep is the most important thing for being healthy. During sleep, our pituitary gland (which is in charge of all hormones secretions) analyzes and regulates the hormone levels in the body.
    Without getting a good night’s sleep, we might as well forget about having a balanced hormone level. While i found it hard as well research shows that sleeping consecutively less than 7 hours a night (during the day doesn’t count!) over a long period of time is known to have major adverse effects (one of those being unharmonious hormone levels).
  3. Caffeine
    There is nothing i enjoy than drinking a boiling cup of coffee while reading the paper in the morning. But when i learned that drinking caffeine damages your hormone levels in so many different ways, i forced myself to slowly and gradually quit. For starters, caffeine makes it harder to sleep (which as 1 meticulously explained above: is bad). It raises your cortisol levels, decreases your thyroid hormone levels and essentially creates chaos in your entire body.
    While i may have been a bit extreme by cutting off coffee completely, i think a cup a day isn’t the worst thing (but definitely no more than a cup and a small one!)
  4. Birth Control Pills
    While this may sound weird to you, getting off ¬†‘the pill’ was the best thing i ever did. Once i made some research and found that birth control pills essentially raises progesterone and estrogen to dangerous levels to prevent ovulation, i threw them all out.
    How can you hope to combat the fire that is your raging hormone levels when you are essentially adding wood to the fire every day? If you are worried about getting pregnant, i can assure you that there are several other safer ways to prevent pregnancy.
  5. Supplements
    While it’s true that improving sleep and exercise while stopping caffeine and birth control pills are very effective solutions to your hormone problems, the most effective method that i have found is to take an accurate dose of natural dietary supplements.
    Supplements provide the body the nutrients it needs that can’t (you heard me!) be naturally found in necessary doses in foods. The undeniable fact is that your body needs these nutrients above all else. The most important ones are:
  • Ashwagandha
  • CoQ10
  • Milk Thistle
  • Selenium
  • NAC
  • Vitamin D
  • Inositol


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