Tips To Improve Memory

Effective learning can only be achieved if you’re able to focus your complete attention on what you are trying to learn

  1. Read, Read, Read
    Reading your textbook, academic articles and journals will broaden your understanding. Make shorter notes for yourself and then study your own notes.
  2. Listen To Audio
    Listen to audio on the topic and write down some key notes on what they’re saying that can help you better understand the subject you’re learning.
  3. Write Things Down
    Make your own notes from what you have read in the textbook. Write questions and  answer them later. These can be questions from your textbook or even questions that you think are likely to come up on the exam. This is a good way to test your understanding of what you learnt and help you remember it.
  4. Talk Out Loud
    You can read the topic out loud, or try to teach the topic to someone else.
  5. Mind Mapping
    Mind maps are a great way to break down information into a simple diagram that can be remembered more easily. They’re also good way to test whether you know the subject matter. You can redraw the diagram and deliberately leave blanks to see can you fill them in again or whether you can discuss the topic in more detail by only looking at the key headings on the mind map
  6. Test Yourself
    Use past exam papers. This is great for not only testing your knowledge but also familiarizing yourself with the exam format and structure, which will help you settle into the exam much quicker and easier on the day. Use questions from the textbook
  7. Practice
    To improve memory it is important to keep going back over information that you learn, using different formats of learning
  8. Eat Properly
    Fueling the mind is an essential element of increasing focus and concentration. Research has indicated that students learn much better when they’re well nourished. How often you eat can also have a powerful effect on your energy levels.


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